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Species that you wanted to see.

Darth Hord

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SWKOTOR was my first contact with Star Wars. :D So I don´t know much about it. Then I bought KOTOR 2 and Republic Commando. I also read the books of RC. And I bought the 3 movies from LucasFilms (collection?)


And I´ve some questions:

Why does the Aqualish and others in KOTOR 1 not speak their own languages? Or one of the Vulkars that you see in KOTOR 2 more. What is the name of this? All others speak their own language in both games. Well I don´t know what the originals are in the movies.


And why sound the Duros and others in KOTOR 2 other than in KOTOR 1??


Is Bao-Dur an Iridorian like the one you see on Manaan in KOTOR 1 in the Cantina? With the yellow suit.


And why are the sentences of the Irithorian shorter in KOTOR 2? Well it was very long in part 1. It´s ok but if you´re not fast to read you loose. :D

Btw I like it when they´re angry or cry. :D



What are Baragwin from KOTOR 1 who build weapons? Are these aliens?


But it´s interesting that there are more aliens in KOTOR 2. :)

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