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K1 Kotor tool module editor problem


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Hi there,


Kotor tool works perfectly fine except for one tiny little problem. When I attempt to go into the module editor and create a new space I can not place items.

That is to say I can place the placeable in the blank module, and the register as being in the module, however when i warp to the new module the placeable are invisible.

By Invisible I mean that my character can run into them, and they seem to have presence in the module, but they have no visual appearance. (Model and texture are missing?)


I'm running the Best of PC version of Kotor and I have Windows Vista 32bit installed. My computer can run the game at maxed out performance levels so I know it's not a hardware problem.


Anyone who can help with this, it would be most appreciated.





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What placeables did you try to place? I know that certain placeables in the game are naturally invisible and will never show up. In any case, if the texture is missing, the placeable should show up white or gray in color, not invisible.


- Star Admiral

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To add to SA's questions did you make sure the coordinates were correct? Specifically the Z coordinates as the placeable might be deep into the floor or other such thing...


Many people do not realize the KT Module Editor is a beta only and should always defer to the 'classic' means of editing a module file first, collect the coordinates in game by using the whereami cheat and GFF Editing the git file. Just IMHO.

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