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2009 Sketchbook?


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In tradition of the "2008 Sketchbook?" thread that I posted last year, I thought I would post again this year under a different year.


So, does anyone know whether or not there will be a 2009 sketchbook at the SDCC by Mr. Purcell?


Really whoever's reading should just list everyone they know of that will have a sketchbook because there's a few other artists I'm asking the same question about.

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1. The nerdy comic book store owner on 'The Big Bang Theory.'


2. Big Ennis.


3. Your momma.


4. The Sam & Max curator at the comics wing of the Library of Congress.


5. George Lucas.


6. Roy Tordes (legend.)


Why has this been resurrected and why have I only just noticed that I've been mentioned?


(oh and why am I only at 6.?)

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