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Monkey Island Special Edition - File Formats


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I'll be posting here about the file formats in MI:SE.


So far:


The sounds and music are in xbox wavebanks so should be easy to extract.


The rest of the resources are in Monkey1.pak - which seems to be unencrypted so far (I can see an offset table and name directory anyway)

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I'm having problems with the audio atm, some of the audio dumps correctly as pcm wav's, however some appears to be WMA from the format tag but doesnt play back. Either they arent WMA and my understanding of the format tag is incorrect or there's some sort of added obfuscation on the wma files

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Finished the bulk of "Remonkeyed Explorer" which opens the main resource file and allows you to save all the files inside. Should be out later this week (probably Friday).


Examples of contents inside the .pak file:

The original monkey1.001 and monkey1.000 files (unchanged) from the Monkey Madness CD-ROM version


Costumes (i.e. character art)

Room definitions (in some binary encoded XML - not looking into that before Friday)

Fonts (stored as PNG)

Shaders (.fx files)

tweaks.txt (containing some settings for strange things in the engine)

hints.csv (binary file with all the hints)



No music or speech - that's in the separate xwb files (which BG is working on).


I've managed to "decode" the backgrounds and costumes to .dds (really just a matter of adding the DDS header with width/height etc.) - probably adding decoding from DDS to PNG format before Friday, although I'm not sure that I'll make it combine the various tiles that make up a single background in that short amount of time.


Various examples and screenshots (please don't hotlink - my bandwidth can't take it):


http://www.jither.net/media/images/remonkeyed.png (screenshot)

http://www.jither.net/media/images/woohoo.png (first tile of background art I got decoded)

http://www.jither.net/media/images/ghostpig.png (a random costume decoded)


Oh yes, it's "Remonkeyed Explorer", because apparently an internal name for the Special Edition is "Remonkeyed Game". :)

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I find it annoying that the old art version runs in completely full screen mode, compared to the old dos version which had some black bars around it. Just makes it look ultra blocky. Wonder why that is.


And there seems to be some music bugs in the old art version as well, like voodoo house music keeps playing after you leave the voodoo house sometimes. So they must have done something to the old game files I think.

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Might add that the "projected art" "theory" (I'm quite sure it's accurate) means that there are hacks done in various spots to expand the original game.


I.e., the addition of Spiffy's close-up, the different readings of insult lines, depending on whether they're decided right by the script or not, etc.

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Most likely, yes. As long as they have the correct format, and correct layout, it'd be as simple as replacing the files. Since the (DXT) graphics are deterministic in size (always compressed 1:4), if they keep the same layout, they keep the same file size and the file offsets in the rest of the file don't change, so there shouldn't even be a problem if there's hacky hardcoded direct offsets in the .exe (which is unlikely these days anyway).


Not something I'm looking into for a while, but I'll probably release some specs when I get back from vacation in a few weeks (if BG or someone else hasn't already).


It's even likely, as in GrimE, that just placing the new art in the proper subfolder, with the proper name, in the correct format, might just mean it's loaded into the game. Since that's easier (and very unlikely not to be implemented) while developing. If it's not turned off on release.

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Well, the .PAK is around 1.2GB and 99.999% of that space is taken up by images - mostly split up into 1024x1024 texture tiles (like the ones posted above). Such a tile is a bit over 1MB, if compressed - saw a few 4MB tiles which may be uncompressed RGB.


The remaining data is mostly 500 byte-65KB description files, shader scripts, some PNG textures and the two original resource files from Monkey Madness.

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Hi everyone !


Serge, do you intend to release your tool to unpack Monkey1.pak ? It would be useful for foreigners like me, as I'm french I could put the Monkey1.000 and Monkey1.001 files from the original french version. Thanks :)...

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I just discovered this thread. Just wanted to throw in, that I also wrote a little tool to dump the Monkey1.pak file and write out DDS textures.


Serge already started a proper GUI which would ultimately allow easier modding I suppose.


Anyway, here is my (hackish) source in plain C:



Sample image (copyright LucasArts):



@Serge, two questions though:

Do you plan to release the source code of your tool?

And do you know what the table at 0x28 (referred at 0x8) is for?


I also haven't looked at the binary xml yet...

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