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Monkey Island Special Edition - File Formats


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Just to inform you that the iPhone version of the game has a Monkey1.pak which looks the same as the PC one (hopefully smaller in size as there aren't DXT files but only PNG). The Remonkeyed Explorer is fully compatible with this...

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From what I could gather, the header before each "group of cues" entry in the speech.info file has the following fields.

  • 4 bytes that are some kind of CRC or otherwise uniquely indexing a spoken line (in english). This means that the cues: "Guybrush Threepwood.", "Guybrush THREEPWOOD", "Guybrush Threepwood!" will all have the same value for this field, even though they are spoken from different characters, and have differences in pronounciation. I really have trouble understanding the reason for this field, but I bet that this is what causes problems with fansubs.


hi everybody! any idea about those 4 bytes? I would like to translate the subs in the "old mode", but keeping the speech in the new one.

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hi everybody! any idea about those 4 bytes? I would like to translate the subs in the "old mode", but keeping the speech in the new one.


From quick observation, only 20 bits seem to be used in this field. I don't know the exact method they use to calculate the value for this field, but if I had to guess -and if the assumption that this is a checksum is correct, I'd say they probably first convert the line (subcue) to lower case chars, remove any non-alphanumeric chars (including '.', '?','!', quotation marks etc) maybe even remove white spaces and then produce the checksum. So unless we can figure out this checksum function, it won't be possible to proceed with fansubbing.


And keep in mind:the worst case scenario is that such a function could have been written to ignore any characters that don't belong to the english alphabet. Which is highly likely, 'cause when I translated some lines for the classic text, but kept names like "melee island", "guybrush threepwood" intact, the game actually used speech for these lines (speaking only these names). Which means it ignored everything else in the line and just did a lookup based on the checksum of the english words it found :(


So, currently, the only way to change the text and keep the speech is the following: Keep the english text in the classic version and modify one of the available translations (excluding the english one, so e.g. change the french one) in the speech.info file. Then by selecting that translation (here the french one) you'll still have the classic version in english, but the new one will be in your language -font problems aside.


I am also interested in writing tool to support a new translation (or porting a translation for the classic version to the new one). However, in my case this would also mean messing with and patching the font files if possible, to extend the charset.

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I'd say they probably first convert the line (subcue) to lower case chars, remove any non-alphanumeric chars (including '.', '?','!', quotation marks etc) maybe even remove white spaces and then produce the checksum.

I can confirm this (white spaces are removed too). I have no idea how to get the checksum function (...if it is possible...)

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Misunderstood you then, but in that case, nothing codewise keeps it from running the original game with the sound effects, and turning the art projection off.


This all seems to me that if you wanted speech in the classic view you wouldn't need to patch it (MISP style or otherwise) but simply prevent the speech from muting.


In regards to extracted music - if you have the original MI CD version to use with ScummVM, I think you'll be able to use them because they all seem to have the same filenames as the original CD audio.

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The first test version my translation tool is now available.


It is tested with Java 6 SE on Windows XP. Might work on Java 5.0 as well. Other operation system should be no problem, as long as Swing is available.


You can pass the speech.info file as a parameter:

java -jar misetran.jar x:\path\speech.info

If you don't, a file chooser will pop up when you start the tool.


When a speech.info file is opened for the first time the tool replaces the first non-English language with English, so that lines that are not yet translated are in English. The other 3 translations in the speech.info file are used for data storage. (I will later add a tool to combine up to 4 such files into one, which will then include the 4 translations and no other data from the tool). So you have to select the first non-English language (French) in MI SE to see your translation.


In the GUI you have the main table showing all lines. You can edit the cells in the translation column. Changes are saved to the file directly. You can also change the "translated?" checkbox. You can set it to true to keep the English text (e.g. for "Oh" or "Grrrr"). You can also uncheck it, removing your translation (has to be accepted in a dialog).

The table can be sorted by any column. You can also resize columns and do anything else a basic jTable supports.


Above the table is a text field that allows filtering the table by the content of the "English" column.


The table below the main table shows all lines similar to the selected one. It allows for quick translating of equal and similar lines.


Please test the tool for "real world" usability (I'm not a game translator myself).

Any feedback is welcome and will encourage further development. (I already got some features planned...)

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I wanted to ask Irishmile how his progress of changing all the guybrush-sprites is proceeding?

I love your version of Guybrush! The hair you made for him is so much closer to the old original than the ugly version from the remake...

I've changed the forst file in the arts-folder (costumes_ao-dxt) and the improvement is incredible.


I was so shocked when I first saw their new version of Guybrush with this silly hairs.

Didn't expect to see some guys fixing this so fast. :thmbup1:

Now I hope you didn't stop changing all the sprites.

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I'm not done with all things I want to implement, but I think I have accumulated some changes big enough to release the 2nd test version of my MI-SE translation tool: http://www.load.to/46hZcrSeKB/misetran.jar


the update includes:

  • options for search and 2nd table (full or partial match, case sensitivity, ...)
  • ability to select multiple lines in main table and mark them as translated
  • ability to select multiple lines in 2nd table and copy the translation form the selected line of the main table into them
  • column widths are optimized on start up
  • empty lines are no longer shown (empty English text)


when you try the tool please let me know the following:

  • does it work at all? (what is your OS and Java version?)
  • how is the start-up time? [when using an already adapted speech.info]
  • how is the performance, do any actions hang or work slowly? (what are your CPU and other hardware specs?)
  • how good do you consider the usability? would you prefer any design changes?
  • what are your feature request for this tool or additional related tools?


upcoming features are: support for uiText.info, some statistics, clean-up for the release of the source code, some mini-tools to e.g. copy languages around so you can start with an other one than English as your basis (for improvements on existing translations or maybe for "fun"-translations...).

Having written this I notice I don't have any to-dos for the GUI itself, so please let me know if you have any ideas. Feedback from actual translators would be very helpful for me, as well as encouraging.

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Since Irishmile didn't answer I started to complete changing all the guybrush sprites with the new hair that Irishmile made.


So far I have completed the following folders:





This includes Guybrush walking and still-standing in every direction, Guybrush climbing ladders and Guybrush swinging along the cable with the rubber chicken in both directions.


Works in-game just perfectly! :)


But there are a lot of sprites left^^

I'll upload all the finished dxt-files when everything is done (which will possibly take only a few days).



just finished the folders





Everything tested - works fine! :)

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No problem! :)

Biggest thx belongs to you for creating the "new" hair!

And of course to all those who managed to unpack the monkey1.pak and providing their programms to let us do the same.


Without you all I couldn't do anything!


When I encounter some sprites where I am not able to fit on your existing hair (because it's a different angle or somehting like that) I'll let you know. Maybe you can make the hair for those.

But so far I could make it^^



If uploaded all files I've changed so far here:



Simpley put the rar-file in the main game folder and unpack.

It should overwrite the dxt-files automatically because I've put the appropriate folder topology in the rar-file.


So you can at least see and test what you created! :)


For now it's walking, standing, talking, fighting, digging, sliding the cable, climbing ladders and throwing the poisended meat to the dogs.

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ok, I'll will! :)



Just finished the following folders




















getting closer to completion^^




Maybe there is a thing where you can help me...

With the two files of the flybrush-folder (these are the sprites when Guybrush is flying towards the camera after shooting himself to monkey island).

It's these two pictures:



Click once on each picture to get it in fullsize. They are already png with transparency (which is important).


The problem is that Guybrush is much bigger here than on the other pictures. To get the new hair on his head I had to upscale it immensly. I've sharpened it afterwards but because of the big upscale it's not really looking good.

This is what I came up with on these:


(again clicking on the picutre for fullsize)


As you see the hair is very pixelated and it doesn't fit pretty good neither.

Maybe you can do your new hair again on these two in bigger size if you find the time.

Just save it again as png with transparency if possible.

Thanks in advance.



Just played the scene to test how it looks ingame ... and well, it didn't look anyway that bad as I thought. :)

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DONE!!! :):):)


I hope I didn't forget a folder, but I think I got them all.


And here it is, the first hair patch for our beloved game:



Just unpack and copy the "art" folder into the game directory.

What still remains unchanged are all the close-ups.


Maybe someone might try to edit them, but at least every single Sprite of Guybrush got rid of the ugly hair LucasArts put on him.

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