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Happy 6th, KOTOR!


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Per Wookieepedia:


July 17:


2002 - Jango Fett: Open Seasons 3 published.

2003 - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was released on the Xbox platform.



I remember fondly my brother-in-law (who collects ANYTHING Star Wars as soon as it comes out) getting this game and how everyone was glued to it for months solid.


I also remember my first impression of Mission Vao: "Who put my niece in Twi'lek makeup?"


I also remember, on my first playthrough, hearing Juhani speaking about Quatra. The "out and proud" lesbian housemate heard the dialogue and was staring at the screen, going "There's no WAY they intended that. A lesbian character isn't put in games unless it was some kind of show for the guys..." (Turned out she was wrong in the best way).


Anyone else want to share some fond memories from six years of KOTOR?

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Statement: I still chuckle at HK remarks,


And I definetely laugh out loud with Jolee huh... what was that again?


And I do feel like a dad for Mission,


and small near Big Z.


Canderous is still a big Mando storyteller that's just a softie "unca" inside,


and T3 bzeet, beep beep!


Carth still hit on my character and is a whiny widow most of the time,


and Bastila still gets embarassed from my blatant pick-up lines while trying to teach me about yadda yadda yawn.



Happy birthday, KotOR! You still have a special place on my playing hand.

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For me, it's only been two years since I was introduced to KOTOR. I was once a SW fan, but gave it up and had been solely a Star Trek fan up until that point. KOTOR was the reason why I gravitated back to the SW universe. It was truly the most amazing story/game series I've ever encountered.

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I knew that as I squandered hours upon the game, I was wasting my life; but it didn't matter. I had to say that KOTOR was greater than the original trilogy by far. It wasn't a great action game like JK, and I remember getting frustrated that it wasn't what I expected. After only fifteen minutes, I threw the game aside and then I figured that if I wasted the money on it, I might as well... then I had become enamored by it in a way I never imagined I could in a SW game. It wasn't the ships, the battles, or the technology anymore; but the characters and story that caught my interest.


How close I came to dismissing the game before really trying it.

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