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Monkey Island SE Hack Ideas

Monkey Mania

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Secret of Monkey Island: Remix Edition - Mash-Up of all previous LucasArts adventures with Ben as Guybrush, Purple Tentacle as LeChuck, Sophia Hapgood as Elaine, Max as Stan and the Cannibals starring Boston Low, Dr. Brink and Maggie.


Other than that, I think "fixing" Guybrush and LeChuck is a reasonable task within reach.


Looking on how Irishmile modified the MI:SE Guybrush, we might can convince him to work on it:



The right one is actually a nearly pixel-perfect modification of the MI:SE sprite, just with "better" hair. Given that his head is quite static most of the time there are not THAT many different perspectives to draw.



Better than that is the original look planned for guybrush in the MI2:SE. Too bad they dropped this sketch right from the start. It had so much appeal and expressivity. Would kill for anyone who could do a replacement mod based on this.



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