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Custom Commando Project - Redux


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not to make u overwhelmed but when u have extra time u can work on the leader of alpha.


Name: Sigma

Armor: The perfect soldier. You can play with the armor, make him look sick just his stripe colors have to be gold. Please do get very creative.

Weapon. Use wat u think looks best

Other: Put a mandolorian sign somewhere and any othr necessary attachments, again im not very creative u can be creative on how u think he should look.


Also, could u privatly email me (email address removed for safety reasons - please share your e-mail with the relevant people through private messages - Astor) and give me idk how u wanna say it lessons on how to use it on photoshop, do u have to buy it and things like that just teach me so i dont have to alays ask and i can make my own. Thank You

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