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The Lost Ones (warning some spoilers)

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My eyes snapped open to the call of my name. It was dark, the lighting very dim. I was slumped against something...a cage perhaps? A waved my hands around and felt the bars. Yes, it was a cage and around my neck there was some sort of collar....


A neural disruptor, a device for inhibiting the Force. This was not good.


My eyes finally regained focus and I was fully aware of my surroundings. We were in a Sith...tomb? No it was a temple, Rothion had explained earlier that it was the Temple of Trilaras, an Ancient Sith Lord. Unlike the Tombs of Korriban, this place looked as if it had been recently resorted. I saw Sith Troopers standing guard nearby, their faces completely hidden by their identical visors. In that sense they were intimidating like the Mandalorians, identical faceless enemies that would crush you with their endless swarm. And it was hard to find courage when you weren't fighting a person but an idea.


"Lossarian, can you hear me?"


It was Rothion. I turned my head quickly and saw him. He was strapped to some sort of Sith sarcophagus ..Trilaras'? I had no idea to be honest. Sith tombs and temples just bugged me in general--


I heard laughter. Not the sort of laughter from somebody laughing at a joke, but insane laughter. I then saw a man in Sith Master armor and covered with tattoos almost dance into the chamber. “Well well WELL!” he exclaimed merrily. “What do we have here?! No, could it be? Yes, it is! It is, it is, it IS! The very two men I had been waiting for, Rothion and Lossarian, brothers of the slain Dark Lord himself!”


I head never met this man before but I knew who he was: Shiloth, the Sith Lord of the Tentanus Sector, a former member of the Brotherhood of the Sith who sought power through the teachings of the Ancient Sith. The holocron he had brought to Deralia was directly responsible for the massive problems with the climate and wild life there. In other words, he was our greatest enemy.


“Ohhh Trinitieee!!!” he giggled gleefully. Into the chamber entered a female Sith Acolyte with brown hair. Unlike Shiloth and some more acolytes nearby, she had no visible sign of bodily corruption, so I guessed that she was new to this joint. “Trinity my dear, please make sure our guests receive their meal. I believe today's dish is raw Tukata,” he added, then burst into another fit of laughter and danced away off.


I slumped back against my cage. We're we doomed?


prologue edited by lord of hunger chapter 1 coming soon

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Chapter 1


"Lossarian......do you.....remember that day?" Rothion groaned from the sarchophagus.


"You mean the prison?"


"Yes...." At that moment he fainted. With nothing else to do I tried to remember what had happened that day.


It was about four years ago back home during the Mandalorian Wars. Rothion was going to help me build a lightsaber and we had gone to the only place on the planet where you could find the pieces needed to make one: Tar'Lohk prison. It was named after the Sith Warden who ran the place and eventually destroyed it. The prison used to be run by the Jedi as a way to hold Dark Jedi and Sith captives from the Great Sith War. Tar'Lohk himself was a Sith who following the defeat of the Sith Brotherhood feigned guilt. Since the Jedi were low on membership, they gave him a smaller punishment: For his repentance he was charged to oversee the new prison on Deralia, which had been newly terraformed and colonized. Yet eventually Tar'Lohk showed his true colors and organized a mass prison break.


The escaped prisoners quickly seized the colonists and made them slaves...until a prisoner by the name of Dehotas backstabbed Tar'Lohk. Over time, the prisoners and the colonists intermarried and became one people. Dehotas one day fell prey to the wild animals of Deralia but the people he created built the capital city of Dehotas in his honor. Turns out that my father Rhavarion is directly descended from the man.


Tar'Lohk prison was state of the art: the design was based upon some of the only ancient Jedi techniques that were not lost during the Great Hyperspace War with the Ancient Sith. The ancient Jedi had learned from the remains of some obscure lost empire how to combine the Force with technology. The result was Force security: traps that either drained or overpowered whoever tripped them. These traps were designed to target specific individuals based on what kind of prisoner they were: Jedi would become overpowered and knock themselves out, while Sith would be drained and pass out for a couple hours.


“Not to worry,” Rothion assured me as we entered the ruin. “We are neither Jedi or Sith, so we'll be immune to whatever traps are still there.”


Or was something else protecting the gates of this forsaken place....


chapter 2 coming soon, thanks to lord of hunger for story refinement

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