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Question about companion's LS/DS mastery bonus


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My Exile got his Ls mastery now,and I have 100 influence with most of my companions,those who could turn into a jedi is already a jedi.

But the problem is,non of them actually achieved any Ls mastery bonus like my Exile did,and i used KSE and found out thier Good/Evil rating are always stucked at 99 even though thier influence are already maxed up.


So,is it possible for us to get the LS/DS mastery bonus for our jedi companions like Bao Dur,Atton,etc legitimate?Anyone attain to achieve the mastery bonus by playing pc version of TSL?

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No it's not possible, your characters can only have two "class slots" i.e. (Scoundrel level x/Jedi Sentinel level y)

Unless you have a mod that either erases the first class slot or grants them automatic prestige classes rather than the standart ones you cant' select a prestige class for them.

I've seen a mod around that allows you prestige classes (prestige padawan I think), if you want you can always search it and instal it, but i've got to warn you, when you get all your force sensitive members prestige the rest of the game's a snooze festival (more than the vanilla version was after a certain level).

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He's talking about the attribute bonus that the PC gets when you've mastered either side of the force (completely dark/light). I don't think the party members can get that.


I've been able to do it with some modded Xbox saves (Getting my companions to Light/Dark Mastery). I had to set the Exile's CHAR to 20. This also works in the PC version or you can set their Good/Evil to 100 for Light Mastery and 0 for Dark Mastery using KSE.

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Thanks for replies

yeah i am talking about the attritube bonus,and its weird that only Exile can benefit from it while others are being stucked at good/evil 99.


I did some searching and found out some peoples seems to be able to get the bonus...so it makes me curios,am i getting some bugs or what..?



"Influencing characters can make them also gain Mastery. E.g. Visas Dark Mastery +3 DEX."


and from the description of :

"*Note - Atton Influence*

I gained max influence with Atton in Episode 45 - he has become the Darkest Jedi & gained the Dark Mastery Bonus (+3 DEX)."


on 5:19,the status screen shows her atton is getting the +3dex bonus as well..and i doubt she modded her saves.


Perhaps only console version can getting this bonus for companions by legitimate way?Can anyone confirm this?

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