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Feeling Down...

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I've found canoeing to be an awesome pick me up for myself.




I know that swimming is a good stress reliever for me personally. I usually get pretty down around my birthday (Feb 29) - and I find that exercise and nature usually are two things that help with it.



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:lol: You guys are hilarious!



Yep, we do what we can. We apply the humor so that it distracts everbody away from some of the negativity now and then.:D But I'm glad we brought a smile on your face.



And hey, if you really what a good laugh and you haven't seen it yet - check out this recent thread: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?t=199490 Yes Sir, Good times...good times. Heh, Heh!

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SHAKES, you SHAKES are hilarious.

[FryLock]: Well my, my. Isn't the esteemed guy who turned himself into an 8-bit nintendo character to freak out meatwad full of himself.[/FL]

[MeatWad]:Oh yeah. Except I didn't freak out or nothin'--I just though shake was kinda weird as a video game character. Heheheh.[/MW]

[Carl]: By the way shake, the last time you borrowed my sportster, it came back in 500 pieces! I'm *still* making payments on that damn thing, ya mook! :swear:[/Carl]


[HK-47]: [sarcastic statement]: My, myyyy. Aren't all manner of odd creatures and a meatbag arguing over decidedly trivial stuff a riot?! [/HK-47]


[MeatWad]: Uhh, hey, you got it wrong--it's MeatWad .[/MW]


[HK-47]: [Condescending Clarification]: OH, *that* never occurred to me. Why didn't anyone inform me that this definitively categorized "odd creature" was also made of meat? --I was referring to the hairy, out of shape, poorly dressed human as the 'meatbag'. *Sigh* [/HK-47]


[Carl]: HEY! At least I ain't no rusted over piece of junk! [/Carl]


[HK-47]: [improvisaitonal snark]: At least I'm not some crippled heap of scrap you call your vehichle, which you haven't even finished paying for yet. Warming up the blasters! This should be fun! [/HK-47]

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