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Idea for New Star Wars Game

Commander Dimal

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There have been video games where you play as a clone trooper and some were you play as a clone commando, but what if there is a video game where you play as an Arc trooper? Yes an Arc trooper. I thought of this and made up some ideas for a new Star Wars game.


What if LucasArts created a Halo style action game similar to Republic Commando where the main character is an Arc trooper? It would take place during the Clone Wars and you get to fight in many battles from the Clone Wars and it would have a storyline too. Some of the features would be that it has a co-op mode where the main character is a Arc trooper and the second character is also an Arc trooper and the others are clone troopers and the game would also have a huge variety of weapons and long gameplay. It would have vehicles, many different types of enemies and a very good multiplayer. It would be a first-person shooter like Halo and and the action would be similar to it too.


It would start out of Kamino where the Arc trooper that is the main character is being trained and is told by Tan We at the end of the level that he would have to wait in stasis. Then in the first levels you play as clone troopers and commandos in levels leading up to The Battle of Kamino where the Arc is woken up from stasis by Tan We and is told that he needs to defend Kamino. So he suits up and fights the battle and there are many other levels after that where some are key battles from the Clone Wars. I am thinking of the story so far. So what does everybody think of this idea and could you please give me some ideas.

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The main character could be Alpha-59 and the second Arc in co-op mode would be Alpha-18 who is a friend of Alpha-59. I haven,t thought of a name so could you guys give me some ideas. There will be a solo and co-op mode but in solo you still have clones with you but you just play alone. There would be different difficulties Like Easy, Normal, Elite, and Veteran and there will be different levels where you can be other clones. Each level completed would unlock extra stuff and there could be achievements and also there will be something similar to the Halo 3 skulls but instead of skulls it's a B-1 battle droid head. The B-1 battle droid heads will be well hidden in different levels and you have to find them and they unlock stuff. Each level has different sections like in Republic Commando.



0.Kamino:Training (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)

1.Geonosis:The Beginning (play as Null arc troopers)

2.Atraken:Operation Katabatic (play as clone troopers)

3.Rhen Var/Raxus Prime/Thule:The Dark Reaper Crisis (play as clone troopers)

4.Kamino:The Defense of Kamino (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)

5.Ohma-D'un:The Bio-Weapon (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)

6.Pengalan IV:The Missile Factory (play as Arc troopers)

7.Qiilura:Virus (play as Darman and Omega Squad)

8.Muunilinst:Assault (play as the Captain Fordo Muunilinst 10)

9.Mon Calamari:Aquatic Assault (play as clone scuba troopers)

10.Hypori:Rescue (play as Captain Fordo and Muunilinst 10)

11.Brentaal IV:Stronghold (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)

12.Haruun Kal:Crisis (play as clone troopers)

13.Ord Cestus:Jedi Killers (play as Alpha-98 and clone commandos)

14.Xagobah:The Siege (play as clone troopers)

15.Jabiim: Disaster (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)

16.Rattatak:Escape (play as Alpha)

17.Aargonar:Heat (play as clone commandos)

18.Praesitlyn:Conquest (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)

19.Boz Pity:MIA (play as Alpha-59, Alpha-18, Alpha, and Squad Seven)

20.Cato Neimoidia/Belderone/Tythe:Hunt for Sidious (play as Squad Seven)

21.Coruscant:The Kiddnapping (play as Alpha-59 and Alpha-18)

22.Utapau:Mission to Utapau (play as Kom'rk, Jaing, and clone shadow troopers)

23.Saleucami/Felucia/Mygeeto/Utapau/Kashyyyk:Part I The Final Campaigns Part II Order 66 (play as clone commander on the specific planet)


I will have more stuff soon.

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Actually thats a really good idea, but in level 20 could their be the Coruscant mission where Anakin leads a platoon of clone troopers into the Jedi Council and kills all of the jedi, just like they did in episode 3? (Except you wouldn't be playing as Anakin, no duh)

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So what kind of weapons, equipment, and vehicles would you want to see in the game. I thought of a few things. All the equipment, weapons, and vehicles are actual things from Star Wars whether their carried by clone troopers, clone commandos, or Arc troopers. Also should certain equipment and weapons be used by certain units only.


You could have 6 different types of grenades, but 2 of each just to make it real.



1.Thermal Detonators

2.EMP Grenades

3.Sonic Grenades

4.Flash bang Grenades

5.Reverse-polarity pulse grenades

6.Frag grenades


Certain weapons will have a certain number of shots and a certain number of ammo for that weapon you can carry and some can overheat if fired to much.

ex.DC-15A blaster rifle fires 500 shots before reload and you can carry enough ammo for 2500 shots.* shows weapon can be dual wielded but if it's dual wielded you can't throw grenades. You also have a melee attack ex.rifle butt. Certain weapons can be taken from enemies ex.vibroblade from Trandoshans and E-5 droid blaster from droids.



1.WESTAR-M5 blaster rifle (fires 600 shots, can carry ammo for 3000 shots.

2.DC-17 hand blaster *(fires 50 shots, can carry ammo for 200 shots)

3.Commando pistol *(Arcs only, fires 50 shots, can carry ammo for 200 shots)

4.DC-15S blaster rifle *only by Arcs and commandos(fires 500 shots, can carry ammo for 1500 shots)

5.PLX-1 portable missile launcher (can carry 7 missiles)

6.Vibroblade (100 charges, until power cell runs out)

7.DC-15s side arm blaster *(infinite ammo)

8.DC-17m Interchangeable Weapons System (commando only, ammo same as in RC)

9.DC-15A blaster rifle (fires 500 shots, can carry ammo for 2500 shots)

10.E-5 droid blaster *only by Arc and commandos(fires 500 shots, can carry ammo for 1500 shots, effective against Trandoshans)

11.E-5s sniper rifle (fires 5 shots, can carry ammo for 25 shots, effective against Trandoshans)

12.DC-15x sniper rifle (fires 5 shots, can carry ammo for 25 shots)

13.Z-6 rotary blaster cannon (use until ammo meter runs out)

14.Reciprocating quad blaster (use until ammo meter runs out)

15.EMP launcher (fires 8 shots can carry ammo for 16 shots)

16.Verpine shatter gun (fires 5 shots, can carry ammo for 20 shots)

17.Geonosian beam rifle (use until ammo meter runs out)

18.Geonosian sonic blaster (use until ammo meter runs out)

19.DC-19 "Stealth" carbine (fires 500 shots, 10 in stealth mode, can carry ammo for 1500 shots, 20 for stealth mode)


Tell me if I missed any.


Instead of being revived you will respawn and there will be bacta stations and med packs to heal with. Not all of the equipment below can be carried at the same time.



1.HX2 antipersonnel mine (can carry 3)

2.Det packs (can carry 2)

3.Wrist flamethrower (Arc only, use until meter runs out)

4.Med packs (can carry 5)

5.Bore bangs (can carry 3)

6.Commando recon droid (carry 1, use to scout battle field)

7.Heads-up display

8.Arc trooper armor (Arc only)

9.Katarn-class commando armor (commando only)

10.Phase I clone trooper armor (used by clones until Praesitlyn)

11.Phase II clone trooper armor (used by clones starting from Boz Pity)

12.Night Ops armor (commando only)

13.Improvised Explosive Devices

14.Jet pack (use until fuel runs out)


I will have vehicles and enemies soon

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Well, we all have brought this up before. I think for the most part everyone agrees it is a rather good idea. And I'm sure LA wouldn't detest. But the fact of the matter is, LA is never going to create another game based off of Republic Commando or Arc Troopers, if they had planned to, we would know about it. Right now they are concerned about how people will like "The Old Republic," which is the new mmo being released by LA. The truth is, in my opinion, that the story of Delta Squad and Republic Commandos has been told. As far as I know, there's nothing more about them in books or anything. Sev is dead, and that's that.


Keep the faith, it may some day happen. But don't count on it.



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Well this game is mostly the story of the Arc trooper Alpha. Most people wondered what happened to Sev, but some people wondered what happened to Alpha, since he was on a ship that disappeared while he was critically injured. I figured Sev was dead and sometimes people die during stories. I heard there is a down loadable software that you can make your own video games on and if we found someone skilled enough perhaps a team of people then maybe this game could exist. Right now Lucasarts is already working on 2 different games maybe 3. Bioware is working on The Old Republic, Lucasarts, has finished Battlefront:Elite Squadron and it will come out November, and they are getting close to finishing Star Wars:Republic Heroes. Maybe then they will be open to suggestions but they probably won't make them like RC anymore because they will all be kiddy like The Clone Wars show.

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Here is the vehicles I promised. You will be able to hijack vehicles in a way similar to Halo but some enemies like Trandoshans can hijack vehicles from you and also you can kill enemies by running over them in a big enough vehicle. Certain vehicles like starfighters and big vehicles only appear in certain parts of the game and in cutscenes. Give me some more ideas for vehicles.



1.Various swoops and speeders

2.BARC speeder (Biker Advanced Recon Commando)

3.STAP aerial platform (Single Troop Aerial Platform)

4.AT-AP (All Terrain-Attack Pod)

5.AT-XT (All Terrain-Experimental Transport)

6.SPHA-T (Self Propelled Heavy Artillery-Transport, cutscene only)

7.UT-AT (Unstable Terrain-Artillery Transport)

8.AT-TE (All Terrain-Tactical Enforcer)

9.Heavy Assault Vehicle/wheeled A6 Juggernaut ("Juggernaut")

10.AT-PT (All Terrain-Personal Transport)

11.ISP (Infantry Support Platform)

12.TX-130 Saber-class fighter tank

13.TX-130T fighter tank

14.LAAT/i (Low Altitude Assault Transport/infantry, only in certain parts) "Gunship"

15.LAAT/c (Low Altitude Assault Transport/carrier, only in certain parts)

16.LAAT/v (Low Altitude Assault Transport/vehicle, only in certain parts)

17.HAET-221 (High-Altitude Entry Transport-221)

18.Nu-class attack shuttle (cutscene only)

19.V-19 Torrent starfighter (only in certain parts)

20.ARC-170 starfighter (only in certain parts)

21.AT-OT (All Terrain-Open Transport)

22.CR20 troop carrier (only in cutscene)

24.RTT (Republic Troop Transport)

25.AT-RT (All Terrain-Recon Transport)

26.AAT (Armored Assault Tank)

27.MTT (Multi-Troop Transport)23.CR25 troop carrier (only in cutscene)

28.Mini-sub (on places with water, mostly Mon Calamari)

29.Capital ships, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, and transports. (only in cutscenes, in space)


I am also adding a new level, The Battle of Xagobah.

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i can see that you are planing the game but will it come out on the masked?? that's the big question...

there is a lot of people who have planed many games but less than the half are getting on the masked, but i relay like the your i ideas... but will you be fighting on the front lines???

b/c it's boring behind enemy lines :p



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That Is A Very Good Vehicle List, VERY Good....... Your Obviously Writing Down A Storyline And Level Maps? And You Should Also Think About Multiplayer Maps. A+ To This Game Idea, It Would Be 5/5 In The OXM Magazine.....

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ist an amazing idea. seriously. but im not seeing much balancing. if you plan to actually make this a game, not just a fanfic, you really have to think about balance. there are two types of balance: analogue and complex. analogue balance is found in most early RTSs and games such as classic Doom to Heretic. complex balance if found in just about every modern RTS (except for StarCraft) and many modern shooters (Halo 3 and Gears 2 are prime examples). analogue is easier to do, but not as intersting, whereas complex is the reverse.

also, you seem to be jumping straight into it. your putting alot of thought into it, but perhaps too much, like thinking too far ahead. what works for me is to come up with most of it along the way. in my fanfic (posted up here and will be updated soon) i just made a "brief" plot outline and made a list of major characters. the rest i come up with along the way. the same happened in my other fanfic (which may or may not be posted up in the Absent Without Leave Discussion, but is definately on the SPPf).

i know your not me and everybodies ideas work differently. im simply just making suggestions to help make it even better. but you really are on to something. although i lack skills in modding and game design, i am able to help write down a plot and even do artwork (except for environments). i can help, but only if you want it.

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What do you suggest beanlord56? When I wrote down the ideas they didn't turn out as good as I thought they would. When I think of the balance in the game I imagine it being similar to what you said but when I write it down it turns out to be not what I expected. I had this idea for a long time and I have a huge imagination, which makes me come up with stuff twice as fast, probably the reason for all the ideas. Also I don't have any modding or game design skills either and what is an RTS. Also to answer Hooper's question you won't be behind enemy lines all the time. You would be sometimes in the frontlines, sometimes behind enemy lines, and you will sometimes lead troops into battle like a clone commander would.

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If You Controlled A Whole Army, The Game Would Have To Be A Game Like Halo Wars, But Going Behind Enemy Lines Like That Would Suck. I Vote For A FPS Like Halo, With A Really Good Storyline To It And Also Some Good Online Capabilities.

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Forget what I said about leading troops into battle. By that I meant that on some missions instead of going solo you will have clone troopers with you. Also should the ARC trooper character be someone different than Alpha, they could be a new character. If anyone thinks I should change the main ARC character to a different ARC and change the name tell me and tell me what I should name him and I will change the level things. Also here are the enemies you will face in the game. These enemies are actual enemies that clones faced, also I get my ideas for stuff to put in the game from http://www.wookieepedia.com. If you are going to tell people about this idea and spread the word give credit to where and who the idea came from.



1.A-series assassin droid (on certain levels, mostly Jabiim)

2.B-1 battle droid (all variants) common enemy

3.B-2 super battle droid (all variants) common enemy

4.B-3 ultra battle droid (on certain levels)

5.BX-series droid commando "commando droid" common enemy

6.C-B3 cortosis battle droid (on certain levels)

7.Droideka (all variants) common enemy

8.IG-series battle droid (all variants including IG-86 battle droids and IG-100 Magnaguards armed with either electrostaffs or blasters) semi-common enemy

9.JK-13 security droid "Jedi Killer droid" (on certain levels, mostly Ord Cestus)

10.LM-432 crab droid "crab droid" (all variants and sizes) common enemy

11.DSD dwarf spider droid (all variants including regular and the advanced dwarf spider droids from RC) common enemy

12.Octuptarra combat tri-droid "Octuptarra droid" common enemy

13.Tri droid common enemy

14.Pistoeka sabotage droid "Buzz droid" semi-common enemy

15.Protodeka (on certain levels, mostly Dark Reaper Crisis levels)

16.Various types of scavenger droids (on levels with Trandoshans)

17.Spelunker probe droid "Chameleon droid" semi-common enemy

18.Tactical droid semi-common enemy

19.OOM-series battle droid (B-1 battle droid variant) common enemy

20.IG-227 Hailfire-class droid tank "Hailfire droid" common enemy

21.NR-N99 Persuader-class droid enforcer "Tank droid" semi-common enemy

22.OG-9 homing spider droid "Spider walker" common enemy

23.Droid tri-fighter (on certain parts)

24.Heavy Missile Platform (on certain parts)

25.Vulture droid common enemy

26.Manta droid subfighter (on parts with water, mostly Mon Calamari)

27.Separatist Sub Carrier (on parts with water, mostly Mon Calamari)

28.Geonosians (on certain places, mostly Geonosis)

29.Trandoshans common enemy

30.CIS officer semi-common enemy

31.Gossam soldiers common enemy

32.Muun soldiers (on certain places, mostly Muunilinst)

33.Neimoidian soldiers common enemy

34.Skakoan soldiers semi-common enemy

35.Nimbus commandos and Jabiimi Loyalists (only on Jabiim)


I will also add the Geonosian Beam rifle and sonic blaster to the weapons and add the Mini-sub to vehicles.


You can destroy droid dispensers easily with explosive weapons.


Droid Dispensers

1.B-1 battle droid dispenser

2.B-2 super battle droid dispenser

3.Droideka dispenser

4.Buzz droid dispenser

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i was thinking that you should limit yourself to the weapons and vehicles. i took note of the number of levels, and while it is realistic to have that much stuff, you have to think about what blackops and standard infantry had on hand. looking at the weapons, it is impossible for a standard grunt to carry that many grenades, mines, detpacks, medkits and however many weapons you plan on carrying. for a blackops soldier, maybe not impossible, but very difficult (Darman in Hard Contact). and for he vehicles, this doesnt look like the BF series, where anyone can just hop into a vehicles, be happy and cause however much hell as they want. standard clones were trained to use specific equipment and vehicles. they may know the basics of driving a walker, but for maximum efficiency, a specially trained pilot has to drive. and if look at your post about enemies, unless there are vehicles to combat that many "ultra heavy" droids, one may be royally screwed. there are only 9 weapons that have maximum potential to destroy an "ultra" out of a bazillion others. all weapons can be used as anti-infantry but, but its difficult to use them all as anti-"ultra". i also noted that your snipers are "wierded" up. have one designed to shoot through walls and almost anti-vehicles and the other just shoot through "squishies" like in Red Faction 3. in RF3, the sniper rifle is, of course anti-infantry with a x4 scope and decent ammo; while the rail driver has x-ray vision, a x4 scope, decent-for-a-cheap-weapon-ammo and is a one-shot-one-kill (except on gunships, unless your a really good shot). i understand that your trying to make the amount of ammo as realistic as possible, but sometimes, that can mess up the balance.

also make each weapon do something different. ill use one of my ideas (a Halo knock-off, under working title Charon) as an example. (NOTE: ive been working on this for 3 years)


(* indicats dual-wieldable)


LS-N42 Rail Rifle: 45 rounds/magazine, 10 mags max, x2 scope, fully auto, secondary fire: 3-burst, has a 20 centimeter combat knife in stock damage type: ballistic

LS-J45 Magnum*: 12 rounds/magazine, 9 mags max, semi-auto, no secondary fire, damage type: ballistic

MJ90S Sniper Rifle: 4 rounds/magazine, 4 mags max, x2/5 scope, semi-auto, bi-pod when prone, no secondary fire, damage type: ballistic

Z-X15 Trench Gun: 9 rounds/magazine, 8 mags max, pump-action, 8-gauge, no secondary fire, damage type: concussive/ballistic

D-45H Missile Launcher: 4 rounds/magazine, 2 mags max, slow firerate, x2 scope, secondary fire: smart fire (homing, requires 3 seconds lock), damage type: concussive/explosive/fire

J-73 Flame Projector: 50 "charge"/canister, 4 cans max, long range, secondary fire: wide spray (wider area of effect, shorter distance), prone to overheating, damage type: fire

R64 SMG*: 60 rounds/magazine, 5 mags max, fully auto, water-tight (underwater parts are in the game idea), no secondary fire, damage type: ballistic

BL-47M Minigun Turret: unlimited ammo (for gameplay reasons), fully auto, poor accuracy, stationary, damage type: ballistic

LJ-45 Fragmentation Grenade: standard frag 'nade, 5 meter blast radius, can carry 4 at a time, damage type: concussive/explosive/ballistic/fire


KAL'TEER (highly advanced, psychic aliens; many of these weapons are prone to overheating):

Alpha-001 Neutron Rifle: 100 charge/battery, 1 charge=5 shots, batteries can only be charged at a battery station, fully auto, no secondary fire, damage type: disentigrate

Alpha-002 Neutron Pistol*: 100 charge/battery, 1 charge-5 shots, 5 charge=1 overcharge, semi-auto secondary fire: overcharge, damage type: disentigrate

Alpha-003 Flayer Rifle: 100 charge/battery, 6 charges=1 shot, x2/5 scope semi-auto, no secondary fire, no bipod, damage type: disentigrate

Alpha-004 Neutron Pulse Gun: 100 charge/battery, 5 charges=1 shot, essentially a shotgun but fires in a straight line and gets weaker and weaker the further the beam gets, max range: 40 meters, no secondary fire, damage type: disentigrate

Omega-001 Warp Disruptor: 2 pods/canister, 3 canisters max, fires in an arc, no secondary fire, damage type: gravity well/concussive

Omega-002 Warp Blade: 100 charge/battery, 10 charges=1 slash, secondary fire: uppercut with spiked handle, battery irreplacable but still usable indestructable blade, energy shorts out in water, damage type: slashing/gravity well

Omega-003 Nailgun*: 100 charge/battery, 50 nails/mag, 8 mags max, 1 charge=10 nails, fully auto, no secondary fire, can still fire when battery depleted, damage type: ballistic/gravity well

Omega-004 Warp Grenade: sticks to any surface for 2 seconds before imploding, can carry 4 at a time, damage type: concussive/gravity well

Alpha-005 Stationary Neutron Gun: same as Alpha-001 just unlimited ammo and stationary


if you want to see how i tried to balance vehicles, just ask. but i think you understand.

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