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Very strange sound problem. Please help


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Okay first of all, I'm sorry that I haven't introduced properly in my first post, but what can I say? I had finally decided to give this game a shot after hearing so much about it, and so far, have been loving it, but now I'm faced with a very serious problem.


I'm not giving any spoilers, just saying that it happened in year two, I was browsing my inventory when all of a sudden this very strange sound comes out of nowhere. It sounds like a helicopiter. The thing is, I can't seem to get rid of it. I already patched the game, ran compatibility mode, everything, but to no avail. Someone please help.


One thing that I'm sure of though, is that the problem seems to come from the sound effects. That's where that annoying sound is coming from. I mute them and the game sounds normally One look at one of my last saves showed that that sound was already present, but in a lower level. I don't know what it is. Please help.

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