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Casting Call: The Mandalorian Wars

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eh, might as well, just to help us start rping as soon as we can...


Name: Malak/Alek

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Species: Human

Affiliation: Jedi Crusaders/Republic

Perfered Weapon: Single hilt lightsaber

Perfered Force Power (if applicable): Unknown

Rank: Jedi General/Jedi Guardian/Jedi Knight

Portrait (optional):


This is a pic from before he was a sith lord, so, y'know.


Bio: A human Jedi known to rush into battle. He is the closest friend to Revan and could be considered Revan's "personal bodyguard."

When the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders attacked the Republic and began the Mandalorian Wars, both Alek and Revan were eager to defeat the invading forces. As the war continued, however, the Jedi Council urged the Jedi to be patient, and strictly forbade action against the Mandalorians, feeling that the true threat had not yet emerged. Revan would not be dissuaded, and both he and Alek believed that the Order moved too slowly and was too cautious in its decisions. Alek was the first to join Revan's movement, known as the Revanchists, and other Jedi soon followed.
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Pick a face any face:

if it makes any difference, these pictures are of the Jedi Exile miniature from wizards:








^ that being official SW merchandise, i think its the closest we'll ever get to a canon appearance for Exile. they aren't good quality photos... from what i can make out, i think that that may be either




row 1, column 2,

row 3, column 2,

or row 1, column 3.


also, this is official LA concept art of Revan, and my personal favorite appearance*:




^ notice that this is basically row 1, Column 3 of the male revan selection:




...without the military buzz cut and what he would have looked like by the Battle of Rakata Prime. (Lehon, aka Unknown World)


As i said, imo these are the closest we have to canon appearances. just throwin that out there.



* I know I've said it before, and i'll say it again!

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Okay. Revan is taken. Well then here is my character:



Name: Carsew Adelt

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Species: Human

Affiliation: Jedi Order

Perfered Weapon: Blue Lightsaber

Perfered Force Power (if applicable): Telekenisis

Rank: Jedi Knight

Portrait (optional): lloyd.jpg (Without the sword)

Bio: Carsew was an orphan in the slums of Coruscant. He made a living as a small child helping the local gangs with thefts. One day he was caught by a Jedi Knight. The knight sensed his potential, and so let him join the Jedi Order. Years of training proved useful, and now he is a full Jedi Knight. He initially did not want to join the Mandalorian wars, but as almost all of his friends joined, so did he.

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No, it's not too late


Haha... yeah, I'm RPing Revan...


(maybe you two can be the ones to revive the RP ;) no one posts there anymore haha...)



yay :D


Name: Kyp Kin'kara

Gender: M

Age: 34

Species: Human

Affiliation: Mandalorians

Perfered Weapon: Sword

Perfered Force Power (if applicable): -


Portrait (optional): still making it

Bio: Kyp Kin'kara is the only remaning member of his family. his parents and brothers died in a raid on his land. having escaped from this raid he was adopted by a mandalorian warrior. he was trained for battle and that was it... he saw no other point of his life but to fight. having now been hired by a crime lord he wishes to restore his bloodline and gain honor...

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