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Jedi Academy - SP Mod Problem


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hi there!


i'm not very experienced in modding, so i hope that someone out there can help me.


difficult enough for me, but finally i somehow managed to integrate a SP MOD in jedi academy. i use one of the endless combinations of Ryojin's fantastic jedi costumization kit - and in my case, it replaces the kel'dor male, so that i'm able even to use my old savegames.


looks very good! but there is one problem still:

the lightsaber (staff) is "freezed"! while my jedi makes his moves, his saber staff remains in a static upright position, stuck through the jedi's body...




as long as i used the kel'dor male model.glm, the skins - of course - didn't work, but the saber did. and when i hit on that and changed the model into the right one (of the jedi costumization kit), the skins worked, and this - hopefully last - problem appeared.


i'm at my wit's end. has someone got some sagacious recommendation?

thanks a lot!

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It is probably a bug as a result of replacing the keldore with Ryojin's skin. The best thing you could do is start a new game. That should solve the problem. There is probably an error with the save file referencing a new model.


So Start a new game, use the 'map' command to get to where you were, and then use the 'setforce' cheats to set the force to the levels you had.

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mpfff... that doesn't work...


i start a new game, then i change the map. alright!

but setting the force levels has no effect. and when i try to change the single lightsaber to a staff (saber dual_4), i get the message "cheats are not enabled on this server".


i had typed helpusobi1 beforehand, and i'm playing in singleplayer mode.

arrgh, this is frustrating! and i feel rising anger! :vadar:


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