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Kotor 2 still not working on vista PLEASE HELP!!


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Hello, I have a downloaded version of Kotor 2 that i payed for and i ran it about 30 times and it always has the same error: "Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords has stopped working.


I tried downloading the mss32.dll file from kotor 1 and putting it to my kotor2 directory but it didnt change a thing. I also tried contacting support@securom.com and this is my situation:


They asked me to create a Analysis File. but for some reason, it doesnt work. They sent me a .exe file that runs the Analysis File maker thing. It asks me to run the game while the sr0_forcer.exe is running and NOTHING HAPPENED! So now i just sent them an email with a screenshot of the frozen screen and the error asking them if they could just send me the new .exe to fix my kotor 2. But what if they dont send it to me? What am i to do?



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Have you installed the game according to the instructions in the first two posts in this thread? If you haven't, then please do so. I would start by installing the latest DirextX redistributable from Microsoft and then following Astro's installation instructions. The SecuROM fixes for both games are available for download in the second post.


If you're still having trouble after doing all of that, then reply in this thread and post your specs and we'll go from there.

Post your system specs

Sometimes we're just not going to be able to help you if we don't know what kind of hardware you have on your machine. If you don't know what you have on your machine, then follow these steps below:

  • Bring up the launcher menu for Kotor 1 or 2.
  • Click on "Configure".
  • Click the "Scan Hardware" button on the lower center of the window.
  • Click "Yes" to continue.
  • Click "Details" to view your system specs.
  • Click "Save Report" and save the file to your desktop.
  • Whenever you post your problem, open the file you just saved and copy and paste the contents to your post.

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