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Fable III


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does doing those take up any time in 365 days thing ?




Only doing the quest provided by your personal assistant forward the calendar (not Jasper the other guy). Another good easy way to get gold is to

The Sunset House Demon door gives the king/queen 1,000,000 for accessing it.


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But it's only 1,000,000 you need at least 6,500,000 to save everyone.

Lute hero and jobs get annoying... so what I've finally decided to do is play a couple of times through on Evil on my alternate profile and then on

121 days

until invasion I do all but the final quest, then I go to the demon door that needs 2 heroes to open and I get that door open then I transfer the money from my evil characters to my good hero and viola... easy gold. :p



oops. sorry >.> I forgot

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You don't have to do jobs to easily get the money. Just explore, do quest and buy property early and often. I only did enough jobs to upgrade one of my weapons. Other than that I just played the game. Both the treasure and my personal horde were full of gold. I could have saved 4 times that number of people.


Took my first hit on Morality on my third playthrough.

It was also the first time I saved the childhood love interest. In Kidnapped, I had her dump the other guy.


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Well then I obviously don't know how to earn money :p I spend countless hours playing Lute Hero just to earn money to buy property -.-


I just opened a silver key 10 chest that had 50,000. in it. I just can't see gold as a problem. I most likely got enough gold to save everyone just hocking the gifts everyone gave my PC. :xp:

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Unfortunately, for the 360 there is an achievment that goes as follows:


Henry VIII: As ruler of Albion, get married 6 times and kill 2 of your spouses.


This is one of a few of the Achivements for Fable 3 that really annoy me.


Cross-Dimensional Conception, Long Distance Relationship, Online Merger, and We Can Be Heroes all require XBox Live.


Fashion Victim and We Need Guns, Lots of Guns require you to collect all the clothes and weapons. Yet, they don't include all the clothes or weapons in your game, so you have to trade with someone on.... suprise again XBox Live.


Then they have stupid Achievements like Henry VII, Crime Spree and the Dark Sanctum that require a good character to do evil things. Those I can live with, but to me the Xbox Live ones just are annoying to no end. If I wanted to play online with a bunch of people, I would have purchased a different type of game. ;)

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