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Halloween Costume

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Okay guys, well before I get too far, I know this is super early... :xp: but my little brother is having surgery before Halloween and he won't be able to go trick or treating, so we're throwing him a Halloween party and I asked off of work to be there. :) Okay... well here's how it's going...


My parents are trying to get vampire costumes, though I've already got thoughts on my stepdad's costume... :xp: I love vampires, so making a costume to fit that will not be hard. :) But we're trying to find a good vampiress costume for my mom...


As for me, I am going to be a Sith Lord... I've already got the lightsaber, though I may go get a light up one. >.> And I know where I'm getting my Sith Cloak, but I don't know about my tunic...


So could any of you guys help me out, if you've been looking for Halloween costumes? Like could you tell me maybe where I could find some awsome vampire and Sith tunics online?


Thanks for any help. :)


p.s. I'd go to ebay, cause they have everything, but... my debit card stopped working about three months ago. >.<

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I don't know of any sith tunics any where, but here is what I would suggest.


Buy a long sleeve shirt (black if your get up is black) and buy a black bath robe to wear over the shirt. Now when I say bath robe I don't mean a fuzzy plush robe...:s I mean something like felt. If the robe drops below your knees just use some pins to pin it up how you want it.


Then for your waist use a black towel to rap around and hold in place with a big black belt.


I did something similar for a jedi costume and it was not too shabby.

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