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Star Wars: The Mandalorian Wars

Godric Volturi

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Kelbon was bored. So far he only saw troops marching but nothing else. And he couldn't do anythig on top of all.


“Su'cuy gar, loyal friends! The time of the Mandalorian is coming at last. I have been alerted that the High General called Arkon has arrived in Taris. Do not do anything to him. I wish to be the one who will kill him. Have patience, Ner vode. The Neo-Crusaders will come soon. Re'turcye mhi!”


"This is just great..........at least Mandalore could send me on a real mission!"


Suddenly Kelborn noticed 3 jedi fighters.


"It can't be can it.......no. I can tell from the signs.........and their skills, they are only padawans or low ranking knights. I have to warn Mandalore though."


"Mandaloe! Can you hear me? Mandalore! 3 Jedi Starfighters landed near the Cantina!"

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Fedri was returning from to his apartment, he noticed some talking not known to him, he thought they where mandalorians, as he could hear their mechanical voice from their mask, but then he sensed, it was Revan and two other jedi's.


"Revan! How have you been? Have received my message?" Fredi asked as he enters the room, dressed as a simple civilian with out any robes or armor, hiding his lightsaber on a inside pocket of his pants, just in case any mandalorian sees him.

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OOC: heh. I thought you were going to make a long, well thought out rp post, guess I was wrong....


IC: "Guess you two know each other." Austin said to Fredi and Revan. Apparently I'm the only one who isn't best friends with Revan, ah well. Just then Austin heard loud banging on the entrance, like someone was trying to break in. "I wouldn't get your hopes up, we might have some unwelcome visitors."

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Mandalore was still watching the view from the bridge of his ship, making small alterations to strategy as he went. He watched on as two mandalorian cruisers ganged up on a Hammerhead. The fighting was heavy, and one Mandalorian cruiser was destroyed. The Hammerhead was soon destroyed too, but at the cost of extreme damage to the Mandalorian Cruiser.


Mandalore watched on. And then, at the middle of his meditation, a Mandalorian approached him, and then said,

"Mandalore! One of the agents is trying to contact you. Shall I patch him through?"


Mandalore turned around, his focus no longer on the battle of Taris. He looked at the Mandalorian whose armor was Blue. A Neocrusader, Mandalore's finest. The Neocrusaders who would soon dominate Taris.


"Do so."


The Neocrusader gave a thumbs-up signal to a person operating a terminal. The whole bridge went silent as the following words were heard.

"Mandalore! Can you hear me? Mandalore! 3 Jedi Starfighters landed near the Cantina!"


Everybody looked to see the source of the disruption of the regular affairs. Mandalore spoke to the agent.

"Do not worry, my brother. The Jedi are pathetic whelps who are no match to the great Mandalorian Neocrusaders. Resume your mission, and your name shall be forever remembered."

Mandalore looked at the person operating the terminal, and the person knew he had to end the broadcast. And he did.


Mandalore did not know how strong the Jedi were, but he hoped they weren't strong enough...

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With the press of a button, Thane sent the recording via an encrypted link up to the Mandalorian war ships stationed in the system.

Well, the contesting for the Cantina was finally over... he didn't have to constantly monitor the situation, which meant that he could finally get out of this cramped, one room apartment and get some fresh air. He stole a look at his chrono; it was a few hours past noon, and he was hungry. Since he wasn't obliged to the apartment anymore, he could probably go out and have something other than ration cubes. Thane chuckled to himself. Ration cubes. It's what you have when you have when you're out for days scouting enemy positions on some Force forsaken planet. No flair, nothing unnecessary, it had just what you needed. Unfortunately, 'taste' was regarded in the 'unnecessary' group so there was none. And here he was, in the middle of a planet-wide city, eating ration cubes. The Cantina skirmishes had begun so soon after he had set up in this locale that he had no time to obtain any groceries for his short stay, which had resulted in his eating ration cubes the whole time. He had a good amounts of credits still on him. Perhaps Ithorian food? ... Yes, thats what he felt like having. Even though Ithorian food didn't have meat, the herbs and spices involved were fantastic and made up for it..


Thane changed into his other set of civvies; dark green pants and a brown shirt, covered by a dark brown overcoat. He also packed up his other clothes and all the small bits of equipment he had into a medium sized trolley case, just in case he needed to make a speedy exit. A good scout - a good anything - was always prepared. After a quick look into a mirror to make sure he didn't have another nose, he placed the trollycase by the door and a spider camera by the window he had been at. The camera had a 360 degree view, so he could monitor both the Cantina and the apartment. After slipping on a pair of computerized sunglasses, he was off.


In order to find Ithorian food, he would have to go down to the Middle City. This was a planet of human bigots; nonhumans were forbidden to enter the Upper City where he was.


While he was on his way, the glasses' earpiece beeped. He was receiving a recorded transmission. Thane stopped near a wall and pressed one of the buttons on the right leg to play the message. The glasses darkened and become one way reflective, and the message played. There appeared the image of Mandalore himself.


"Su'cuy gar, loyal friends! The time of the Mandalorian is coming at last. I have been alerted that the High General called Arkon has arrived in Taris. Do not do anything to him. I wish to be the one who will kill him. Have patience, Ner vode. The Neo-Crusaders will come soon. Re'turcye mhi!"


So that was what the red haired man was. A High General of the Republic.

Thane wondered if they had some history or something that made Mandalore want to kill him himself. Either that, or perhaps Mandalore was getting bored having to stand around all day in a ship issuing orders.



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"Copy that Mandaore"


"I still think I should do somthing like...I don't know dueling? But sice I can't move anywhere, I guess I'll check the situation down there."


And he did.


"What's that? A Jedi Starfighter is missing. I wonder...."


Kelborn looked everywhere, but he couldn't find the jedi or his starfighter. He didn't want to contact Mandalore again.


"I don't understand. There are no other landing platforms around this area....."


Before he could finish his thoughts, he heard a lightsaber behind his back. The jedi was there!


"For the Republic!"- The jedi shouted as he threw his lightsaber towards Kelborn. The lightsaber injured Kelborn badly, but it didn't kill him.


"Well I guess now I got what I was asking for!"


Kelborn grabbed his vibrosword and they started dueling. Nobody could see them there. They were fightng for about 10 minutes when the jedi suddenly used force push and Kelborn lost his sword. The jedi threw his lightsaber but this time Kelborn dodged it. He quickly grabbed his sniper rifle and shot the jedi. The hit was critical and the jedi collapsed. Kelborn looked at the jedi's lightsaber.


"I think I should take this to.......Uuugghhhhhh."


Kelborn was in a very bad condition. He tried to contact Mandalore.


"M-M-Mandalore. It's Kelborn. A jedi discovered my hideout and I am badly injured. I-I ask for pemission to board your ship. I have the jedi's lightsaber. We could use it to our advantage if....Aaaaarghhhh....-"


Kelborn collapsed. He wasn't dead though.....

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Mandalore was meditating on battle again, waiting for the Republic to make its move, so that he can make his own. Was the appearance of the Jedi the Republic's move? Was it that grand? Mandalore kept thinking to himself, uncomfortable with not knowing everything. He looked out the great window that was the bridge of his ship, looking for existence. And that is when the same Mandalorian as before came to him.


"Mandalore! The agent is sending what it seems to be a distress call!"

The Neocrusader was eager. To know what would come next, probably.


Mandalore turned around, his cape swaying as he went. He looked at the young Neocrusader, who was kneeling at him.


"Rise. Transmit the message."


The Neocrusader did so.


"M-M-Mandalore. It's Kelborn. A jedi discovered my hideout and I am badly injured. I-I ask for pemission to board your ship. I have the jedi's lightsaber. We could use it to our advantage if....Aaaaarghhhh....-"


As before, everything went quiet as the Mandalorians heard the words of Kelborn. Mandalore thought about it for a moment.


"We have stood idle for too long now. Send the Neocrusaders!"


As Mandalore said this, the galaxy seemed to pause. In the time it will take one to snap their fingers, hundreds of Basilisk droids rained down on Taris. Tens of cruisers came down, all of them carrying legions of Mandalore's elite. Mandalore watched as the shocked defenders tried to defend against the war droids and the ships, but their attempts were in vain. Mandalore took pleasure from watching a Hammerhead get split in two by the coming blaster fire.


And then, the ships landed, dropping full supplies and thousands of Neocrusaders.


Mandalore turned around, looking at the people operating the terminals who were very busy due to the recent order.


"Prepare my Basilisk. I shall depart, for this is the day of the Mandalorians!"


At this order, ten men ran to the docks to make necessary preparations. When all was set, Mandalore stepped into the Basilisk war droid, its armaments ready and set. Mandalore strapped his axe on, careful that it shall not fall.


"Have the ship ready for my return."


With this, Mandalore used his Basilisk to jump to Taris below, aware of the location of his agent. As he landed, Anti-air turrets tried to pick him off, but other Basilisks came to his rescue. The Basilisk fell down with a thud. Ten Republic soldiers were awaiting Mandalore. He quickly unstrapped his axe, then killed all of them, decapitating one and slicing in half the others.


He then motioned for five Neocrusaders to follow him, and he set out for the location of his agent. The way was as unprotected as expected, and soon Mandalore was on the return trip to his ship, this time with his agent, Kelborn.

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When Kelborn woke up, he saw 4 or 5 medics around him and Mandalore himself! He couldn't believe it! And he couldn't speak either. He noticed Mandalore was eager to question him or at least speak to him. He gave the jedi's lightsaber into Mandalore's hand than fell asleep....

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Hours passed but Kelborn didn't show any sign of life. The doctor was calm as always like he doesn't even care about Kelborn or anything. Or he ust used to situations like this. He wanted to check Kelborn status when he woke up.


"M-Mandalore! M-Mandalore!"


The doctor stepped to the bacta tank.


"Calm down kid. If you think you're fine enough to talk to our leader I can call him."


"Yes....yes I'm allright."


"I'll call him then."

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Thane went down to the Middle City and found a small human diner that served Ithorian food. He didn't need to look at the menu, he already knew what he wanted - a nice, hot, steaming plate of Glbaith-Rrrjk. All Ithorian restaurants served Glbaith-Rrrjk... if they didn't, then they couldn't consider themselves an Ithorian restaurant!

He motioned to a waiter and ordered his food, telling him to sear the giant Glbaith mushroom head a little extra on the underside.

The waiter scribbled in is notepad and went off behind the counter to deliver the order to the kitchen.


Thane reclined in his chair by a window and looked around the restaurant. There weren't many people in; judging by the menu on his table, he guessed the diner's specialty was dinner. There wasn't much traffic outside either, as this wasn't a main street. He looked outside. There were a few businessmen hurrying along, a mother trying to control three hyperactive children, a young couple holding hands idling down the street. It was quiet. Peaceful - people went about their daily business like nothing was wrong. They were completely oblivious to the fact that a huge fleet of conquerors were just waiting to rain destruction down on the planet, and when they did, all hell would break loose.


Across from his table, a mother was ordering food at the counter while her baby sat in a stroller that faced directly at Thane. He spotted the baby staring directly at him with his huge brown eyes. Thane smiled at him, to which the baby broke out a huge toothless grin and started chuckling. Thane couldn't help chuckling too.

It countered the uneasiness that had been growing within him, but only for a moment... until it turned around and fueled the feeling itself. What was he doing? He thought to himself. So much destruction, so many innocents are going to be caught in the crossfire, so much collateral. Thane looked away from the baby in the stroller. Why was he even here...?. The feeling was growing stronger, like a pursuant drawing closer while he ran from it. No... Thane pushed the thoughts from his mind and took a swig from the glass of water on his table.


Just then, his comlink beeped again. As before, the glasses darkened and played the message. Strange, it was a blanket message from Operation Control. Realization hit him before the message even started playing.


"Attention all scouts planetside: Code Akalenedat. ETA: 5 minutes. Advance to rendezvous points for immediate extraction"


Thane's eyes widened.


The invasion had begun.

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