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Star Wars 1-6 Unleashed?


Would you by star Wasr 1-6 TFU  

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  1. 1. Would you by star Wasr 1-6 TFU

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If LA were to make games based off the six movies with the playing style of TFU, would you by them?


It would give LA the excuse to retcon a bunch of over powered force powers into the movies.


We didn't see Mace Windu pushing Jango Fett into the wall at 100 mph in the arena in AotC, or watch Vader choke the life out of his son in ESB, or see Palpatine spam Force Lightning at Luke the entire time during the Vader-Luke duel in RotJ

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The saber combat in TFU seems too simplistic (and the lack of dismemberment is bs).


If the game had a complete overhaul, I wouldn't mind.


I don't care that much about continuity when it comes to the video games. As long as it captures the "look" (or even "spirit") of the films and is consistent with ITSELF, that's good enough for me. Sure, it sucks when the EU messes with the movies, but where games are concerned, you kind of have to. How boring would it be in a modern game if you could ONLY do what the characters in the movies did exactly how they did it?


That's not to say that the TFU way is the best or only way. I'd rather they just release decent editing tools so folks could create that content themselves. But as the PC version lacks multiplayer, it would have some limitations to be sure.


All that said, the power levels in TFU seem more on par with the "Clone Wars" animated series, than the movies or anything else (ie: over powered). If the game is fun though (I haven't played TFU yet), then that really isn't a big deal.

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Maybe....i've always wanted a game similar to Lego Star Wars:The Complete Saga except without the Legos...


Exactly what I was thinking. (those lego games are so fun :lol:


I think it would be interesting to see/play the duel from episode 1, geneosis area battle and destruction of the Jedi Temple(we got to play that in the Revenge of the Sith game, but TUF style would be pretty intense, not to mention destruction :lol:

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