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Happy Leif Ericson Day!!!

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I saw this thread and that's exactly what I thought:


Oh my GOD! It's that Spongebob episode!


Is this really a holiday though?



Ahaha. :) Great minds think alike Varsity... :D



haha... but I wanna know the same thing... I always just assumed it was the creator's idea of an interesting name for a holiday... it even said at the start of the episode "Even if he has to make one up" ahaha... x_x

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What a hoot.... I wonder what the native populations of the Americas thought when the land theyd been inhabiting for tens of thousands of years was being "discovered for the first time"


Good old WASP vanity...


Giovanni Caboto


Really, you're towing the Caboto line?? wow!! Heck, might as well say Egypt and The Britons were discovered by the Romans


Toth, Nicholas 1991 The Material Record. In The First Americans: Search and Research. Edited by Ton D. Dillehay and David J. Meltzer, pp. 53-76. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL.


And the poor nomadic souls who spent their lives and generations traversing Asia, across the land bridge and into the continent you now call America go completely unnoticed.


Sabre FTW! Well said man.


As you are from the subcontinent Sabre, I believe you should claim native title immediately and assume governorship of that continent :D All dudes and douchebags shall be evicted to the Frozen North, and Western Latin regions from whence they came. All hot chicks will stay. I'm hoping you can give me a spot as the Ambassador for Asia Minor ;)



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This would be an excellent opportunity to repost this:




lolz..back playing the subaltern sabre? Darathy will clock in a 60F by his own meter :thmbup1:

(I hope subaltern isnt too pompous btw... my original thought was Pet Monkey)


Still, I guess Id be mad too if this were my field(health sciences, anatomy, physiology) and stray internet indians and cypriot ruffians were giving a more complete picture of the topic at hand :p



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Really, you can't spell 'toeing' or grasp that posting a crackpot website was a joke?? wow!!


Ah yes, a joke!! I personally didnt get the giggles, but was expecting something a bit more scholarly and informative from you. My bad.


I am vaguely aware of the (Naval IIRC) origins of the phrase 'toeing'. I like the image of you pulling Caboto's ludicrous boat with a rope MUCH better. :thmbup1:


Also, any opportunity to bust your papyrus thermometer is very hard to resist (actually I am perplexed by why you are here given your rage towards popular culture...)


Before there is any further spouting though, I declare this topic to be one of those "Obi Wan Kenobi From a Certain Point of View" Conundrums.


ie. it really depends on what one wants to define as 'Discovered The Americas'


Arrrive in a boat from Europe?

Be the first of mankind to enter an inhabit a region?



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*Jae observes whizzing match developing between Astro and DI*

Boys, I'm mighty tired of seeing whizzing matches between you two, and Astro, you're a mod and should know better. Kindly STFU with the insults back and forth so the rest of us don't have to stand in the same pool of pee you all are creating. Thank you.

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