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Star Wars: The Rise of Revan


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Revan had left the Foerost system and the comlink was transmitted to Malak who was still on Foerost. " I am not Lord Revan, I am Lord Malak, Revan has left to Korriban, you should have received the hologram by now"- Malak responded as he enters his personal ship to leave Foerost and head to Korriban. "Any problem Lucas?"- Malak asked.

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"Not anything that you could help me with, Malak." He spat the other Sith's name like it was a curse word and turned off his comlink. He smirked and looked beside HK-47, to a boy that was hidden by camoflauge. He smiled. "Whatever HK, go destroy him... I could careless."


When HK had finally retreated, the other boy looked at Lucas, turning his Force Camoflauge off. He smiled slightly. "Hello, Master." He bowed in respect.


"Arise, Lord Kyler and tell me how your mission on Ryloth went..."

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Carsew was about to enter the shuttle when he got the message about returning to Korriban. He opened a commlink to the bridge.


"Captain. We are going into hyperspace to Korriban," he said. "Only us, leave the rest under command of Dark Jedi Ulgut. His orders are to stay and guard the planet."


"Yes, Lord Adelt." Carsew smiled and walked back up towards the bridge, every soldier in the way moving as soon as he approached.


As he swept through the bridge doors, the ship started to move into hyperspace, the stars becoming long white lines, and then just a blue tunnel. Carsew smiled and walked over to the window, overlooking the hyperspace travelling ship.


Hours later, or seconds for everyone else, Carsew's ship arrived to Korriban. He overlooked the collection of ships here. The Centurion-cruiser positioned herself close to the planet. Carsew took his shuttle down to the planet, to the Sith Academy landing. He walked through the corridors of this ancient place, marvelling at the architecture, to arrive at their meeting room. He opened the door to find a large, round table, with chairs for the Sith Lords. One of them was occupied by Revan. Carsew bowed.


"Lord Revan, you summoned me."

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"Query: How can I finish my mission if my Master left the system?"

"Statement: I can't understand organic meatbags even if it is my Master."


HK wanted to continue talking to himself, but suddenly he heard a noise. A human being can't hear such noises but he can. He followed the silent noise all the way to it's source. It was coming from a hidden cave under some ruins.

"Statement: Photoreceptors online."

The cave was pretty empty and dark itself but he could still hear that noise. Hk suddenly noiced a light in the dark. He didn't want to bother that thing......whatever it was....He just zoomed in to get a better view on it. It seemed to be a.......meditating Jedi. HK loaded his sniper rifle and shot. The jedi sensed it and he dodged it in the last second. HK turned off his photoreceptors. He wanted to hide in the darkness of the cave. The jedi couldn't see him and he couldn't see the jedi......

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: has become aware of Revan's return and rise: And there you are yet again Revan : she says when she is walking on the surface of Malachor V searching for the Sith Academy:


(( Haha... umm... K001, it doesn't work that way. :p You have to go to the recruitment thread and create a character then have it approved by Fredi... oh and also...


*Secretly Wishes that FREDI would post :) * ))

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Foerost was now completely under the control of the Sith's. Revans first conquest was pretty easy, all the cities surrendered to the new empire and their leaders. Revan was now on Korriban, looking the first students to train under the Sith Empire, the head master of the academy was Jorak Uln, an old Sith that fought along side of Exar Kun. Revan after looking at the new students decided to head to his chamber, waiting for the other sith's to arrive and discuss a new attack. Revan took his out a holocam to send a hologram to HK and let him know of his new duties.


“HK, Arrive to Korriban, take a ship from our base on Foerost and come to Korriban for new duties”- Revan ordered the assasin droid.





Yusu, arrived to the academy as well along side of Revan, Yusu took more time to see and test the new students.


“You, student!, whats you're name?”- Yusu asked a student on the training ground.

“ My name is Uthar Wynn, my lord.”- the student answered

“Oh, so you must be the head master apprentice, take you saber out student, let's see how you have been trained”- Yusu said


Uthar without hesitation took his lightsaber out and took a fighting posture, Yusu did as well and both entered on a duel, Uthar was trying hard to maintain of the fight, he was pretty skilled and well balanced on the force but he was not as strong as Yusu, in just minutes of duel Yusu manages to destroy Uthar's saber and let Uthar on the floor.


“You are strong, you just need experience”- Yusu says as he turns off his saber.

“Yes master, Thank you”- Uthar said with fear, since he thought that Yusu would kill him for failing on the duel.


Yusu turns and heads to the academy library, Yusu was once a Jedi Archeologist in his day's of Jedi, but his skills on the force and saber made him a more combatant Jedi. Yusu starts studying while he waits the arrive of the other Sith's.





Revan has going to get ready for meditation when Lord Carsew came to his chamber.


"Lord Revan, you summoned me."- Carsew asked

“Yes, we will start a meeting on the Academy's council chamber, await the arrival of the other Sith lords and then we will begin”- Revan ordered the Sith lord.

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Carsew nodded and stood up.


"Yes my Lord." He walked out of the room, into a long corridor. He walked slowly, pondering on what to do next. He saw a student being defeated in a duel by Lord Yusu. He smirked and watched as Yusu helped the man up, saying something Carsew could not hear. Then the Sith Lord left. The student was also about to leave, but then Carsew stepped infront of him.


"I saw how you fought Lord Yusu," Carsew said confidently. Uthar backed a little, afraid that his end would be now.


"Oh, that... Well... Please, don't kill me!" He suddenly dropped to his knees, hands in the air.


"Stand up you fool!" Carsew said angrily as he grabbed the student's arms and roughly pulled him. "I'm not here to kill you."


"You're... not?" Uthar said, looking scared at Lord Carsew. Carsew shook his head.


"No I'm not. I saw you, as I have already said, and I saw that you have incredible potential. Potential that Jorak would not let you use." Carsew looked around. "Come with me." He grabbed the student and pushed him in front of him, guiding him to Carsew's room in the academy. Carsew pushed the student inside the middle-sized room, then entered himself, making sure to close the door behind him. The room was rather simple, consisting of a large bed, a desk and a wardrobe. Carsew walked to the student.


"I think you are destined to lead this academy. Yes... you most definetly are. Jorak, however, does not want this to happen, you taking over. But you are better than him. And I will teach you your full potential," Carsew said and walked a bit away from the student. "For a price."


"Anything, my Lord." Carsew smirked.


"You have to train, very subtile of course, the students to be loyal to me, and not to Revan. If you do this small favor I will train you." Uthar kneeled.


"Of course, Lord Adelt."


"Good. Training starts now!" Carsew ignited his lightsaber and threw it at Uthar, who dodged it and returned a Force push. Carsew blocked the push and used the Force to call his lightsaber to him, but Uthar apprehended it, trying to also call the saber to him. The result was that they stood on each end of the room, the lightsaber suspended in mid-air, totally still, between them. Carsew was stronger and the saber flew into his right hand, Uthar giving up and instead charging up a powerful Force push. Carsew, however, was too fast, and jumped in front of Uthar, holding the lightsaber a centimeter from Uthar's neck.


"Good work. Leave me. I will contact you when I wish to see you," Carsew said and deactivated his lightsaber, giving Uthar a small smile. Uthar returned it and left the room, leaving Carsew to change clothes and meditating.

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“Fejo, you will fly to Foerost to investigate this attack from this so called Sith”- Master Vandar said to the Jedi Knight.

“Yes master”- Fejo answered

“You will go as a civilian and you will use refugees transport, so that you could not be discovered”- Master Zhar said “Be very careful, inform us everything and try to uncover if it's really true that this sith's are under the command of Revan and Alek”

“Yes master”- Fejo said again

“May the force be with you”- the masters of the council said to the knight.



Fejo changed his cloth to a more civilian look, wearing a normal light armor and other accessories, he then traveled to the refugees transport center with a T3 series droid given to him, he took the first transport to Foerost.




Meanwhile Malak and the last sith lords on Foerost arrive on Korriban, waiting for Revan to finish his meditation and begin the discussions for a new attack.

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Cole Nagrash walked through the academy halls to the council chambers, his presence seemed to silence every student, knowing that disturbing him could end them. The students knew his power of lightning was beyond imaginable, and it was in fact the only power that surpassed even Revan's, but he was less powerful in the other powers. When Cole entered the council chambers he noticed that most of the seats were already taken, a few reserved for Lucas, Carsew and himself, he sat down in one and waited for the other Sith Lords.

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Carsew stopped meditating when he felt that other Sith were arriving on the planet.


Must be time for the meet. He thought and exited his office. He walked through the many corridors and then arrived at the meeting room. He swept through the door and saw the Sith gathered around the table, except for himself and Lord Lucas. He nodded at Cole and sat down beside him, leaning back casually in his chair.

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HK knew he recieved a holo message but didn't want to view it of course. The jedi was somewhere in the same cave.


"I will kill him first whatever that message is"- HK thought.


He suddenly heard a lightsaber activating behind his back. HK couldn't dodge it and the jedi cut off his already damaged leg. But now he knew where the jedi was. With the reflexes of a machine he aimed and shot. Then again shot to be sure. He even poisoned the area as he couldn't see anything at all. HK switched his photoreceptors on. The jedi was dead.


"Proud Statement: Mission accomplished. Now let's take a look at that message."


“HK, Arrive to Korriban, take a ship from our base on Foerost and come to Korriban for new duties”-


"Analysis: My chassis and leg has suffered major damage. Somehow I must ge to my ship.........or any other ship."


"Statement: I can't move now. I think I will upgrade my sniper rifle with the components of this lightsaber."


Then HK started to observe the parts and tried to use them in some way. Minutes and hours passed. HK successfully upgraded his rifle and also managed to fix his leg a little bit.


"Statement: I think I will be able to walk. I should be on my way to Korriban."


HK made it to his ship, and he was on his way to Korriban.

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