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Modding : Add new ships ?


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Hi Star Wars forum,

I'm new here and I want to know, how can you add new downloaded ships in a mod ? For example, I have a new ship from filefront, and now I have lots of .alo, .ala ... files. In the readme it say's you have to put these files in this folder and these in this folder. ok, but when I start the game, I can't play them. I think I have to make a .txt file with the costs, build time, fraction etc, but what shall be written in it ? Is there a special "solution" for this or is it for every ship different ? :confused::eek:

If somebody has a mod with the aramadia class stardestroyer please tell me, or if somebody has created this .txt file for it and knows what to do please send me a pm or send me the .txt file via email ;)



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