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The Forsaken Ones: Casting Call

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What hope has this alliance

If we cannot conquer

Doubt of faith not each other-

If our belief should falter?


But put an ear to the stones

Of the forsaken half

Inside Their voices echo still:

"Seven rings begin The Path!"


The creed to the alliance of aliens called a variety of names but most commonly known as The Plague. The Plague are a group of different alien races united under a religion called The Path. The Path is a rather simple religion to follow. 7 days for 7 rings, and on the 7th day the rings are activated and silence a system forever. The Plague move from planet to planet cleansing galaxies from these other planets known as the Forsaken. The Plague have moved their massive fleet to a new system in order to complete The Path. Only one planet remains between The Plague; Eridanus V

Planet Info:



Eridanus V: After The destruction of Earth in 2550, Humanity had to colonize to other planets. One of those became Eridanus V. This once forest like planet, now turned into an industrial planet has became a new symbol of hope for humanity. After recieving a distress call from another planet in a different solar system, Eridanus V took the time to prepare for the attack. While they may be ready, will it be enough?


Character Sheet:

Name: (Real name, code name, or nick name)

Age: (No unkowns, unless you state why they are so in the bio)


Homeworld: (Eridanus V, or perhaps a sole survivor from another planet)

Appearence: (Description or Pic will do)



Bio: (This is optional)


Name: Null

Age: 34

Race: Human

Homeworld: Torak

Appearence: http://noobscorpian.deviantart.com/art/Halo-3-ODST-121907167

Weapons: A silenced sub machine gun, and a silenced magnum

Skills: Excellent Leadership Skills, Covert Ops Specialist

Bio: Null grew up on Torak for most of his life. He joined up with the local army and was taken to the nearest moon for training. It was during his training on the moon that the Plague struck. His planet was "cleansed" in 7 days. He was forced to flee in the escape pods. He went into a cyrogenic slumber and would not wake for years until his pod was picked up by a scavenger ship. The ship landed on Eridanus V where he now currently lives. With the loss of all his people, he became Null. Now a Sergeant Major, Null had been training everyday just waiting for his chance at revenge. While the main army attacks the fleet of the Plague, Null will lead a team of the 12 best warriors that Eridanus has to offer.



1. No Godmodding (I don't wanna see any Kamehameha waves).

2. Respect other players.

3. You may play up to 3 characters. If during the course of the rp you come up with a new cool idea for a character, just make sure you pm me about it and I'll give you the yes or no.

4. No One liners.

5. If you have a character in mind who you think may not fit in, like an elf warrior just pm about it. Seeing that I do this a lot I'll be sure to let you do that...unless its Slippy Toad. Seriously, I hate Slippy Toad.

6. Have Fun, and go easy on me as this is my first rp.


PS: I'll be adding descriptions and pictures of the races in The Plague as they are introduced. Oh yeah, Rule 7...

7. No Slippy Toad.

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Oohh... Sounds like a blend of Mass Effect and Halo all in the same package. I'm so in ^-^


Name: Deck

Age: 28

Race: Human

Homeworld: Titan

Appearance: Rhaziel Model Sheet

Weapons: Longbarrel Revolver, Automatic Sniper Rifle.

Skills: Advanced Tech Skills, Weapon Training

Bio: Deck is a Freelancer whom is often considered to be a Pirate by some (due to some of his unorthadox methods) He was taken into custody by the Federation (Whatever our Government is called); but because of his actions during his last mission which resulted saving hundreds of lives, he was offered a form of "community service" by working with a band of 12 warriors to save Humanity - which he grudgingly accepted.

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Very Awesome character PK, and a cool picture too.


I'll clear up some more things in this post, mainly more things about Eridanus V. Eridanus V is a new Earth, however the enitre planet is united under a democracy. The year is 2590, 40 years after the cleansing of Earth. Eridanus recieved a distress warning from a small farming colony named Savorus 12 years ago. Since then funding and time has went into the Eridanus Military Force or EMF for short as well as a new technology. By the year 2587, Eridanus developed hyper drive technology which can allow a ship to jump through different solar systems in a matter of seconds. This is a rather risky new science and has only been used on AI controlled ships. Well that's about it for now.

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Name: Sam Larson

Age: 30


Homeworld: Zarlandia

Appearence: Tall, blond Hair blue eyes, muscular

Weapons: Semi-Auto .50 GI Pistol, a Semi Automatic Rifle, upgraded to superb Accuracy and ROF (Rate of FIre)

Skills: Mechanic, Marine Corps Training

Bio: Sam only heard of Earth, he missed that boat by ten years. But Zarlandia was a close second. He chose to join the Marines, nothing else was a challenge for him.

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Name: Mark Evans

Age: 54

Race: Human

Homeworld: Earth

Appearence: Stands roughly 5'11" tall (180.34cm), weighs about 153lbs (~69.4kg), not a burly figure, but not an absolute twig, graying hair, and light blue eyes

Weapons: 2 .455 Caliber Revolvers, a combat force knife (knife that projects a 'beam' of force along the blade for better cutting power), .30 Caliber Assault rifle, 7mm Sniper Rifle

Skills: Tracker, Practiced Ease, Army Training, Zero-Gee Insertion

Bio: Evans was 14 when Earth had to be abandoned, he was one of the child soldiers pressed into the service as humanity fled and since then he's lived the life of a soldier. Conditioned at an early age to not question orders he holds no malice towards those that pressed him into the service as he recognizes the necessity of the actions at his older age.


He's served in the Army ever since Earth was abandoned, and is still one of the oddball troopers that are found in Special Services units all around. He has a quiet intelligence that intimidates some, and is highly competent at his job. He is qualified both as a scout-sniper and as a regular grunt.

Other Equipment: As Special Services generally don't wear uniforms, he is no exception. Wearing a duster lined with blas-proof armored lining and a fedora he is rather reminiscent of the gunslingers of an earlier age.

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Name: James Sullivan

Age: 28

Race: Human

Homeworld: Mindara

Appearence: Brown hair, green eyes, height is 5'10", medium build

Weapons: 1 Semi-automatic sniper rifle, 2 high-caliber pistols, 1 automatic shotgun

Skills: Tracker, martial arts, stealth training

Bio: Born on the planet Mindara, Sullivan's parents were both refugees after Earth was destroyed. Sullivan would later join a team of SpecOps, and became ruthlessly efficient while in the team. While Sullivan was stationed on Eridanus, he was called to be part of band of 12 warriors to help save humanity.

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Name: Jack Adelt

Age: 25

Race: Human

Homeworld: Eridanus V

Appearence: Jack, Jack in armor

Weapons: A Battle Rifle (Like the one from Halo. ;) ), and a pistol.

Skills: Marksman, Covert Ops

Bio: He was born into a rich family of noblemen on Eridanus V. He didn't like it much, and joined the military at the age of 17. He joined the Covert Ops after a few years, quickly turning into one of the best of the best. He is now part of Null's group of warriors.

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I wanna join


Name: Austin Dukale

Age: 18

Race: Human

Homeworld: Tornuva

Appearance: Pilot dude

Weapons: two small pistols, light machine gun

Skills: Stealth, mapping out areas, hacking, espionage training (If there can be any)

Bio: Austin Dukale is one of the espionage units trained to find out anything about this plague that is destroying the galaxy.


Austin Dukale grew up on Tornuva but he was only three when the plague had destroyed the planet, he and his family were forced to evavuate to another planet, but the plague would end up reaching them and killing his parents, forcing him to live in the streets. As Austin grew up he learned how to get past many security systems and break into houses. He mapped out most of the places he broke into and stole as anything that looked valuable. When he gained enough money to buy transportation to Eridanus V, the only planet currently safe from the plague, he did so, and joined the EMF for espionage training to find out anything about the plague. Unfortunately all of the missions have so far failed, but Austin is determined to find out anything, as he holds a grudge against this plague and is willing to do anythiong that could help destroy them.

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Name: Fleet Command Unit 1

Codename: Azrael

Age: 7 years old

Race: True Artificial Intelligence

Homeworld: Eridanus V Military Lab

Appearence: A data core at the center of the EMF flagship Vengeance

Weapons: Any system which he has access to

Skills: Hacking, Strategy, Scanning, and killing anything with everything at its disposal (Generally this is the fleet)

Bio: Classified.


Codename: Tech

Age: 24 years

Race: Human

Homeworld: Eridanus V

Appearence: A muscular young man who has no sense of hygiene and always smells like engine oil and sweat and wears the stereotypical mechanic overalls and goggles on his head. His hair is jet black, scars cover his body, his eyes are emerald green, and he stands at approximately six feet tall. Tech has cybernetic replacements of his right arm and eye, which are not covered by any artificial skin that might disguise this fact.

Weapons: His mind, his arm, Fleet Command linked to his head and a prototype ion rifle

Skills: Anything related to technology

Bio: Tech's best job description would be a field tester. He takes experimental technology and pushes it to its limits to see what is has to offer humanity. The right arm and eye of Tech are not replacements due to accidents; he volunteered for those to test how an actual human would perform with cybernetic enhancements. After all, in a desperate hour humanity will try anything to survive. He was one of the first to volunteer to test out an experimental drop pod used for combat insertions, one of the first to help maintain a ship as it used the first hyperdrive, and has more wires stuffed into him than what's just on the surface, increasing a reaction time of what was miliseconds to nanoseconds. This is one of the reasons he has been linked with the AI known as Azrael, as his predisposition makes him the most qualified. Everything else about him is a mystery though. No name, no family, no history. Rumors say he's much older than twenty-four even, though there is no real basis for this besides speculation.

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