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my HALO skills...lol


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I do wonder how I'd do if I went back to Halo 3 (though I was hardly ever "there"). I used to be nothing special, but this summer I've been kicking so much ass at Battlefield that I may have just improved as an FPS gamer in general. I do wish that I could record my escapades in BF:Bad Company sometimes. Today I killed 8 or 9 enemies with a shotgun in less than 90 seconds. And I have, on multiple matches the last week, spent a good portion of a match doing nothing but sniping people with a semi-auto rifle, killing 15-20 people in five minutes. A great load of fun.


Edit: My spree actually looked a lot like the very beginning of this video, only with a couple more.


(This BBCode requires its accompanying plugin to work properly.)


It's a great video in it's whole, too.


Edit: Oh, I should have mentioned that I got a laser-designator kill on a helicopter the other day. This video shows one at 2:30 seconds in. It's a One in a Million kind of thing. I think I've done it twice in the 193 hours I've been playing online.

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