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Audio lowering frame rate noticeable.


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Hello, I just installed the game and can't play unless I disable my audio device.

I have an integrated sound card, Realtek HD.


If I disable it I can play the game on maximum settings just fine(30-40fps), but enabling the audio device drops the fps to 5-10, unplayable(even on lowest settings). And playing the game with no sound obviously sucks.


I was wondering if there's any kind of tweak to the game regarding sound issues I could use(I tried those line switches, but nothing worked), or maybe something I should config on the (crappy) realtek control panel (the control panel is really bad and there's barely any setting to change on it, so dunno :\ ).


I have the latest drivers for it.

And getting a sound card is not really an option atm.

Hope I can get this fixed.



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