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Disbeliever's crazy project!


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I have given my files to a tester, to load them up and have a run through of all 4 finished areas. Feedback was very positive. A few small issues were pointed out to me, such as a few walkmesh glitches and a spot where some frame drops occur.


I am working on my next area, which will be the palaces of both the rich and poor hutt's. I am starting with the throne rooms, and will build out as needed.


One thing I need input on from HL, sort of a contest for the best idea: The market area has an additional path leading out of the area, beyond the cantina. I was planning on blocking it off with placables to make it no working, but figure I could model an area for it.


So, give me some ideas for an additional area that is off of the market area. Best idea wins and I will make it.

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