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Disbeliever's crazy project!


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I don't know much about modding. I can only imagine how difficult and time consuming it is. But to have the skill to, not only create something new for one of the greatest games, but to be able to do it as well as you have so far. To me it's mind blowingly amazing!


I love your ideas, and the shots you posted are very exciting. I just joined lucas forums not 10 minutes ago just so I could say I'm a big fan and hope you stick with it till the end so we can all experience your work!


Good luck! :thmbup1:

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Alright. One last try to get some help on this project. I have the first area done and awaiting completion of scripting. Juan has a great script down, we just need a talented and motivated scripter who can place objects, people and make them follow the script. I have attempted to work with 2 people, but they ended up being to busy to follow through to the end.


So if anyone wants to help this happen, I would be willing to release the first area as a demo once it is programmed and working as per the script. I need someone who is motivated and reliable, not someone who will say they will help and then give up. I realize this is a hobby. I do not expect it done in 24 hours. Just progression towards completion. Let me know

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woooow! i've been sitting here for hours looking thrue this whole thread! it's AMAZING! I had noo idea that a sleheyron project was going on! Look, the latest months i've been checking out the mods that exist for kotor and TSL, and i must say that THIS and RoV that Logan and redrob are making are the best so far (though i havn't checked out all mods and ongoing mods there is out there..)

Anyway, it's GREEAT! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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First of all, let me say, that the screens and whatelse I read so far simply look AMAZING! Such great work must not be lost!


I have no experience in Kotor(2) modding at all, I'm afraid, I simply have a ceative mind. I also have lots of motivation at my hand. So if you might have use for me, just tell me :)!

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Well I have sent over everything for the first area to a respected modder on this site, who is working to help bring it alive. When he updates me I will update you.


Awesome. I would say I can't wait, but perfection requires patience. I can wait as long as needed.

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This is great news! Thanks, disbeliever!

I know it can be very hard to give your work to others, but it also shows greatness!


I think that it's very sad to see such great work as yours go lost, because it wasn't passed on to other motivated people, when the original author stopped for whatever reason (as it happened with many great mod-projects).

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I have gotten several PM's about this project, so I figured I would post.


This is not dead. In fact I have been silently working on this project behind the scenes. I changed up my modeling methodology and streamlined things.


Instead of building out one area at a time, a while back I decided to just start again and model the entire planet at once, all connected together like a living world. In the past when you work on just one area, I believe you really fail to understand how that one area will fit in and look with the rest of your areas, since you do them all at different times.


Now that I am building out an entire planet at once, I can really see how things will look together, and make the world even more alive. For example, if I am in a lower pit, how does the rest of Sley look from that angle? If there are tunnels, what is on the other side?


As it stands now I am nearly done with the modeling of the entire world. The way I have made objects will make it simple to go back later on and cut each section out of the entire mold for kotor insertion. Once the entire planet is done, I will post a fly through video of the world. With the holidays coming though I am not sure when that will be.


The areas of my world that I have modeled out are:


Landing bay

Slave quarters

Market area

Junk yard/creature pits


Hutt palace (just one this time)



I have given up stressing about scripting and placing characters in it. My intention is to create this entire world, have it in game, and release it and call it a day. I am to busy to learn how to program for kotor, and it is to stressful looking for people who are willing to step up and help, so I will just release the entire planet as a resource, and if someone or some people want to fill it with stories and people, awesome!


More later

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Disbeliever, thanks for the update. I have some follow up questions regarding Sleheyron.


Do you have any issue with folks using Sleheyron for TSL as well? Were the textures for Sleheyron entirely created from scratch? I'm sure some folks would like to include Sleheyron in TSL. If you used textures that were only available in K1 would prevent folks from using a dedicated K1 Sleheyron.


You also had a "Taris Middle City" project for K1. Any chance that this too might also be released? (This one would be for K1 alone, obviously.) Perhaps you can include a landing pad that might explain how the duelist that the PC fought on Taris managed to escape to Manaan?


Finally, what did you want me to PM you about back in February? You never did answer my reply PM! LOL

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I have gotten many many PM's about this project, and rather than reply to each I figured I would make an update post.


Yes, this project lives and has never died. I've been slowly hammering away at it alone for sometime. I have 5 of the planned 8 areas of Sleyheyron done.


I get to work on this once every week or two, so it's slow.




I know I said a year ago I was "nearly done", but I scrapped all but some of that and began again. So as I said, 5 areas are done, few more to go.

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