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Rise of a Darth

Kurlan Aank

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Jaden Korr, a dark-brown skinned, male Iridonian looked at his one time friend, Rosh Penin in barely concealed anger. His blue-bladed lightsaber was inactive in his left hand for the moment.


“Hello Rosh.” Jaden growled out walking towards the Jedi that had turned to the dark side on one of the missions.


“Jaden.” Rosh said relieved at seeing his friend. A smile of relief was on his face as Jaden looked around the room.


“Where is Tavion?” Jaden questioned reaching out with the force to check for any signs of a trap. His brown eyes darted to the right and to the red skinned Twi’lek, that was standing on a platform, a smirk forming onto his face. I could use her to find her Tavion after I am finished with this fool. He thought darkly itching to activate his lightsaber and run it through the human.


Jaden stopped walking when he was a few feet away from Rosh. Rosh began speaking about her wear she was, "Korriban. She plans on using the Scepter to bring back his spirit." Jaden activated his lightsaber when he was finished and held it close to Rosh's throat his eyes becoming a red-rimmed yellow. Rosh backed away from Jaden in fear as he saw his eyes and fell over the side of the platform they were standing on and onto the floor. Jaden gazed at Rosh with his burning eyes before jumping down to Rosh. The Iridonian felt disgust at the young man's actions as he turned into the sniviling coward he always was when ever he couldn't save himself.


"Get up fool." Jaden snarled as he looked down at the terrified boy. When he didn't move Jaden reached down and grabbed him around the neck and lifted him up, slamming him into the container behind him. "Give me a good reason, why I should shove this lightsaber into your gut right now." Jaden muttered dangerously, holding the blue bladed weapon close to Rosh's neck. The young man swallowed but couldn't come up with an answer. Jaden snarled and threw him to the side, eyes flashing.


"Finish him, Jedi!" Alora exclaimed feeling the dark side raidating in Jaden. She licked her lips as she felt it gain power inside the male Iridonian.


"Wait!" Rosh pleaded, holding a hand in front of him as he moved away from Jaden from his position on the ground. "Listen to what your saying! Y-your angry... don't give into it! Tha leads to the dark side, right?"


Jaden swung his lightsaber and watched as part of Rosh's arm fall a few feat away. "Don't you dare tell me not to get angry!" Jaden thundered as Rosh clutched his missing arm in his hand. "You have no right to say if I get angry or not!" he gripped Rosh with the force and lifted him into the air as Kyle's voice echoed in his mind. Jaden was too angry to notice it and continued speaking, "Your the one who fell to the dark side in the first place! I didn't! I have been dealing with every mission I went on for the Jedi! And now I can finally let it out on the fool who caused it." Jaden threw Rosh to the ground and lifted him back up into the air. He waved his arm and Rosh flew into one of the containers and knocked it over. Jaden let im go as he flew into the container and walked towards him, lightning pooling at his fingers.


Jaden raised his hand and watched as lightning raised out of his arm and hit Rosh. The young man screamed in pain as the purple-blue lightning washed over him, burning him. Jaden laughed darkly as the smell of burned flesh and ozone fillied his nostrils. He increased the power of his lightning and watched as Rosh thrashed around in pain. Jaden closed his hand and watched as Rosh laid on the ground twitching in pain. Jaden turned as he felt Kyle even closer than he was last time and smiled his dark brown eyes turning red-rimmed again. Jaden looked back at Rosh's motionless body and flicked his hands towards the containers around him. The containers floated up before falling onto Rosh, hiding him from view but not killing him. Jaden turned towards Alora and launched himself into the air and to the platform she was on.


"Now Alora," Jaden said as he landed in front of her making her back up slightly. "You have a choice. You can stay here and destroy my master. Or you can come with me and help me join your master by resurrecting the great Sith Lord, Marka Ragnos." Jaden looked into her green eyes waiting for her answer. She nodded at him before she turned towards the Imperial shuttle. "Come Jedi. We have to hurry. If we are going to make it in time." That was her mistake. Jaden brought the butt of his lightsaber up and hit it against the back of her head, making her go limp. Before she could hit th ground Jaden caught her in his strong arms and lifted her up. He jumped over the railing and on the ramp of the shuttle before he walked up, turning his head slightly as his old master, Kyle Katarnn, walked into the room. The Master and Apprentice locked eyes before the ramp closed.


Kyle immediately went over to where he felt Rosh was as the shuttle began to take off and leave out of the hanger. Kyle reached into his pocket and threw a small disk at the back of the shuttle, hitting it. Kyle nodded and used the force to push the containers off of the young man. He winced as he saw what Jaden and the containers did to him. He was surprised that he was alive. Kyle reached into his pocket and pulled out a homing beacon. He had installed a homing signal for the Raven's Claw so if he couldn't reach it due to injuries or if he was rescuing someone and they couldn't move due to injuries. His eyes traveled over the large gash by Rosh's head and he winced. Hold on Rosh. He thought. Just wait until the Raven's Claw gets here and you will be fine. But until then. Kyle place his hands on the boys chest after straightening the his broken arm and leg before using the force to heal the wounds that would guarantee his survival.




A few hours later on Korriban.




Jaden made his way slowly up the steps to Marka Ragnos' tomb. Around him the sounds of lightsabers hitting lightsabers could be heard as the Jedi and Reborn fought each other. Jaden smirked as he felt more Jedi fall instead of the Reborn and was surprised. Tavion certainly has trained them well. He commented as he reached the top. Jaden used the force to call the lightsaber into his left hand and activated the blue blade as he felt the presence of Tavion's Reborn. Jaden cautiously made his way down the steps of the tomb and down the large walk way and stopped as he spotted two Reborn. Jaden lunged at one of them and cut him down with a quick overhead strike and kicked the other away from him. He listen to the weak Reborn's screams as he fell into the lava before it was quieted a few moments later as Jaden landed. He looked over and saw a small burning torso before he opened the doors.


Inside Tavion was holding up the Specter in front of the Marka Ragnos. It had a red beam of light coming out of it as it drained the dark side residue in it and gave it to the dead Sith Lord. Jaden had the element of surprise on his hand so he pulled the Sceptor of Ragnos out of her hands and he smiled as it landed in his, breaking Tavion's concentration. "You should learn to hold onto things better Tavion. Things just start to slip from your hands when you don't hold onto them." Jaden said mockingly a smile on his tattooed face.


Tavion glared at him and tried a calling the Scepter back into her hands. Jaden raised an hairless eyebrow at her before he blasted her with its energies. Tavion flew back and hit the stairs behind her and let out a pain filled gasp. Jaden chuckled and looked at the Scepter with a smile. Let's see what else you can do? He thought. Another burst of dark power came out of the scepter and hit Tavion deeper into the stone stairs. Jaden began walking down the steps and towards Tavion's limp body, the scepter glowing at the top of it.


"Now Tavion. I am in dire need of soldiers and Dark Jedi. So you see I already have Alora with me. And now I just need you. Now you can come now and I can train you so you can have your revenge against, Katarn." Jaden said.


"And if I don't?" Tavion said weakly from her position on the ground.


"Well... you don't have a choice exactly." Jaden said blasting her again, sending the Dathomir Witch into unconsciousness. "Now, my sweet. I am going to have to make this look believable." Jaden began blacking parts of the area while shocking areas with lightning to make it look like a battle actually happened. Once finished Jaden smiled to himself and jumped on top of Marka Ragnos' head and waited for Kyle to come while Tavion's unconscious body was unconscious by the stairs.




Kyle Katarn flew a ship he had stole straight at Marka Ragnos' tomb. As he went he saw and felt Reborn and Jedi alike fall and become one with the force. He shook his head in sadness and put it on full throttle and flew even faster. He saw the tomb entrance approaching quickly while passing a lone shuttle before the shuttle he was in crashed through the entrance with a loud boom! Kyle braced himself for the first crash and continued operating the ship and burst through the large closed doors. Rock and debris flew every where, hitting the walls and floor, but the unconscious Tavion was left unscathed.


Kyle slowly crawled out of the shuttle and landed on the ground in a crumbled heap. From his position on the top of the statue, Jaden stood up and jumped down and in front of Kyle, his blue lightsaber activating and the Scepter over by Tavion's body.


"Hello master." Jaden said grabbing the Jedi Master around his throat and lifting him into the air. Jaden squeezed his throat and got a reaction out of him. Kyle wrapped his fingers around Jaden's hand and tried pulling it off of him. Jaden smiled darkly as he clenched his hand tighter making Kyle gag and choke. "Come on, Kyle? Is this the best you have? Maybe, Jan would put up more of a fight then you." Jaden said.


"Don't you touch her!" Kyle snarled angrily.


Jaden laughed at Kyle's reaction. "Touched a nerve did I? Well let's see if you can back those words up. But first..." Jaden swung his lightsaber and watched as Kyle's arm fell off and to the ground as the Jedi Master let out a bellow of pain. Jaden pushed him back and into the shuttle and watched Kyle get back up slowly lightsaber in his left hand. Jaden knew that his old master was at a disadvantage. He only practiced with his right hand (which was currently laying on the floor) and never his left, unlike Jaden who was left-handed himself. I won't even need my lightsaber for this. Jaden deactivated his weapon and did a come-and-get-it motion at Kyle.


Kyle also knew he couldn't win this fight. His right hand was gone and he never practiced with his right. So how was he going to win this? Kyle looked around him and spotted the pillars in the area. Maybe I can use those. Kyle deactivated his weapon also and placed it on his belt and gather the force into his left hand.


So a force only duel, Katarn? Jaden narrowed his eyes and also readied himself. "Let's go Kyle. It is time for you to meet your death."


Kyle scoffed. "Don't be so sure of yourself, Jaden. I may be old, but I ain't that old." Kyle levitated the pillar next to Jaden as other objects in the room began to circle the dark Jedi.


Jaden looked around himself and smiled. "But have you forgotten, Kyle? I'm younger and have both of my hands. So let's see how old you are." Lightning leapt from Jaden's fingers and at Kyle.


Kyle moved the pillars in front of him and watched as it exploded, sending shards of rock and dust clouds everywhere. Kyle coughed as some of the dust got into his mouth and pushed it away from him with the force. Jaden looked at the floating rocks around him and pushed the force out wards from him. The debris around him scattered into smaller pieces and hit the walls. Jaden reached out with the force and grabbed the shuttle behind Kyle and lifted it into the air. The shuttle let out a large groaning sound as it was pulled into the air and hovered above Kyle. Sweat formed on Jaden's face as he held it before he dropped it.


Kyle had been blasted back by the wave of Jaden's shockwave and felt the shuttle lift into the air and immediately moved out of the way as it came crashing down. It spread more debris and Kyle her it crush into more pieces by Jaden's will.


Purple-blue lightning came at Kyle as Jaden let the dark power flow through him in the form of lightning at Kyle. Kyle held up his hand and a ball of lightning formed in his hand as he absorbed Jaden's lightning. Jaden looked at the ball and stopped in surprise. He didn't know the force lightning could be deflected or be held in someone's hand. Jaden grew worried for a moment, but that moment was all Kyle needed. Kyle sent the ball back at Jaden and it flew faster than the eye could follow and hit Jaden in the chest sending him back an into the wall with crushing force.


Jaden screamed as the lightning circled around him and snarled in anger. Jaden fell to the ground the lightning circling him and breathed heavily as it stopped. Residue lightning flickered over Jaden making him twitch.


"Damn..." Jaden muttered as he slowly got back up. "Kyle. Where the hell are you, you bastard!" Jaden yelled anger covering his features. In his anger Jaden called the Scepter and watched into float into his hands. "Where are you, you ****ing piece of ****!"


"Behind you." Kyle's voice said. Jaden turned and saw only the wall. Jaden raised an eyebrow before a warning in the force made him look up. The shuttle was there when Jaden looked up and he immediately held the Scepter up and blasted a hole into the battle torn shuttle. Jaden realized his mistake a second later. The shuttle exploded and sent Jaden to the other side of the room and he hit the opposite wall a grunt of pain forming on his lips. Jaden looked at his arm as he felt something warm there and saw a small fire there. He ripped off his shirt quickly, revealing his well muscled chest with bruises and bumps forming on it aloong with small cuts.


Damn. He thought holding the septer in front of the destroyed wall in front of him. I never knew Kyle was this strong in the force. I have to end this quickly. His eyes flicked towards Tavion. Not a scratch on her. Jaden thought as he only noticed dust particles on her.


He felt Kyle's weak force presence and used the force to pull Tavion over to him. He caught her and placed her over his shoulder before shooting a hole into the wall and jumping out of it. I will kill you later on master. You are lucky for now.




Luke Skywalker walked into the room and his eyes widened as he saw how much destruction it had taken. Pieces of the ceiling were falling out of place and the ancloves were ruined. On his right there was a small man made hole but on the other was a large one that looked like a bomb went off inside the whole place. Luke felt a presence on the side with the explosion and immediatelt went over to it. When he got there he saw Kyle Katarn wounded severely. From what he could tell from looking at him. Luke saw that he had lost his arm, had burns over his chest, and cuts everywhere.


What happened here? He thought using the force to heal Kyle. Kyle sucked in a deep breath and started coughing before he spit out a mouthful of blood.

"Damn... come on Kyle let's get out of here. I will ask you questions later." Luke helped Kyle up and grabbed his belt and placed his shoulder around his neck before walking out of the ruined chambers.

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