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hi there!


i hope to be right here in this sub-forum. if not, i'm sorry, just put it off.

and by the way: sorry for contingently mistakes, but i am from germany and still learning english at school.


who of you still knows the old classic adventure game day of the tentacle? surely almost everyone.

we, a crowd of crazy adventure-fans, are the ones, who revive bernard and his friends. since 2003 we're working on a worthy follower, which has the title "day of the tentacle 2 - return of the tentacles". it is an unofficial project for free, but the final result will be great and nostalgic.


a lot of work is already done. on our website http://www.dott2.org, also with an english version, you can see some (older) screenshots, a two year old trailer and other stuff and information. in a few days a nice promotion-video will follow. just take a look, it would be nice to become more popular.

as you also can see, we're permanently searching for new members, especially in the graphics area. there are also areas for the music, sound-effects, voices and dialogues, but i am not sure if there are needs. just ask!


if there is someone of you, who is interested in drawing characters and backgrounds and/or making animations, just shout.

however, the faster way would be an email to info@dott2.org.

we are happy about each new helper, so you're welcome. we already have one english speaking member, so dont worry, everything's good.


thats all. if there is nobody who wants to join us, i although would be pleased to receive some positive as well as negative comments. what do you think?


tentacle-greetings from germany. :)


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