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Upgrade Skins Outside Citadel Station

Sith Holocron

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Sorry to respond late. I am hiking in the mountains and there is no Internet.


Looks far far better.


How do I manage to pass the magcon field?


I do not know about Mindtwistah's Teleporter 2000 armbands.


I explain that, with a diagram, at



I use the propensity of the active group to form a triangle. I work with two characters that I place so that the third angle of the triangle is located in an area normally inaccessible. Then I call the third member of the active group.


After several attempts, by adjusting each time the position of the first two, there comes a time when the third is on the other side.


This is true with all doors closed, without the armband whereami. So i do that on XBox too (as on PC) ! With no MOD !



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:lol: TTlan what a crazy trick to get behind those forcefileds :lol:


Ahum, besides that I've been working on getting nice looking buildings in the far distance. The old texture was a blurry mess. Though I could see that they where renders of the 3D buildings that are more close and part of the Telos Station model.


Anyway, I used the old texture to mimic the look and layout and made some very simple shapes in 3Ds Max. I'll just render it out with the full "bling-bling" I can add to have a nice and crisp result :D


Here's a very quick and dirty preview:




I know it looks weird, but it's floating in Max, once it's in the game it'll make more sense; I promise ^__^

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That's looking good, Quanon! Should I assume that there will be red version of this -
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(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
for when Citadel Station is under attack by Darth Nihilus?


Yep, I'll have to add in the red version, since both, blue and red are on the same texture. Leaving one out is'nt an option. Reminds me I'll have to put my stuff in the right spot on the texture, else I fear it'll look pretty messed up in the game.


Anyway, here's another more finished render of the blue lights version:

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(hidden content - requires Javascript to show)



Mmm, looking at it again, I'll have to spice up the lights in front of the buildings, looks a bit dark. Ack, here goes another 15minutes rendering fun :D

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Minor update, without pictures though.

Been working on the background buildings, but they turn out pretty bad in game.

Looks like I'll have mimic the old texture very closely to get decent results.


So far most of my time was lost on rendering, then messing about in Photoshop. Saddly it now feels like wasted time: no nice results in the game :'-(


No fear though, I'll have another go add it later. I'll investigate what a new TXI file might do. Perhaps the orginale one is to blame for my troubles.


EDIT: After a good nights sleep, I went back to my texture. This time I kept the orginale scale, measely 512x512 pixels. Things turned out better. No crazy black lines and other odd bits. Though, it's more fuzzy then I thought it would be. Not certain what Obsidian did with the background. Anyway, I already have another idea on what I might do to get a better looking result. Means I'll need to do some extra rendering though :lol:


Here's a first glimpse on what I have now:






Look at the texture it self:



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Another update!


I finally got a 2048x2048 texture working for the backdrop for Telos Station.

No more blurry mess, nice crisp buildings :D


I might do a version 2.0 later on, adding just a few more buildings, as now there's some gaps inbetween that just show outer space and it reveals quiete clearly that the last few buildings are as flat as a piece of paper. :lol:


Anyway, Sith Holocron asked me to do a third texture, one that's used on various computer panels in the game. Not certain where it pops up. But I'm certain it gets used on Peragus, some of the Sith levels... Ack, the thing is just pixely ugly and it can use some updating luuuve :D


Picture time:





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Anyway, Sith Holocron asked me to do a third texture, one that's used on various computer panels in the game. Not certain where it pops up. But I'm certain it gets used on Peragus, some of the Sith levels... Ack, the thing is just pixely ugly and it can use some updating luuuve :D


Perhaps folks here could identify the locations of where it is used? (I wonder if it can only be found in the Telos modules or elsewhere?)


Here's the texture (enlarged) in all of its low resolution glory: TEL_cp02.jpg

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That texture is more prevalent in K1, I think, though it is used a few places in TSL, such as:


Peragus - PER_Cpanel

Telos - TEL_cp02

Ebon Hawk - LEH_scre02


There may be more, but most of the modules in TSL have their own "Tech/Computer" screen textures(when they aren't stand-alone terminals).

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Minor update on the panel texture.

I've been staring at the thing, trying to see a pattern in it. Most textures have a "tiling" pattern within them. Most texture have themselves fixed for tiling; other are sliced into 4 and so on.


This panel texture, doesn't seem to have anything of that sort or not clearly. Anyway I've deducted 4 sections out of that blurr madness. I'm now making these into 3D. Why 3D and not instant photoshop? Euh, well, because I think it might help me out with the glassy looking buttons, emitting light and so on.


Anyway, no fear, I'm aiming for some nice quality: here's an early preview on the first 2 panel parts.



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Quanon, if you were working on the modelling team during development this game would make Crysis 2 look like 3D Monster Maze!


Thx for the high praise. I wouldn't be suprised the real version the artist made was very pretty and of high quality. But all the games textures got compiled to lower quality to save disc space. Most games back then did that. The version the developpers showed off on things like E3 often had far superiour looking graphics then retail versions of the game.


All because they didn't want to put you up with 8 disces, 6 of them textures. Plus ofcourse eating up your Hard Disk space. :lol:


Q, I'm sure the final result will be as wow-inducing as the 3-D version you posted!


That's what I'm aiming for ^__^

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I think you all have waited enough. I consider my request granted because Quanon delivered.




From the post I placed in the Download section at Deadly Stream . . .


Telos Citadel Station Skybox






FOR WHAT GAME: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords




Apologies for the late release on this. (I've had a busy week offline.)


A long time ago . . . in a Mod Request not far away, I (Sith Holocron) requested a mod to improve the low resolution quality of the skybox as seen outside the windows of Telos' Citadel Station.


I highlighted - to anyone that would listen - a few issues that I thought needed addressing. The buildings seen through those windows had a low resolution skin. The grid of pipework seen at the base of those buildings looked like a blurry mess.


Someone listened.


This mod created by the talented Quanon remedies all of that. Though the screenshot above doesn't show it, the skybox does have the red windows that would be seen later in the game as well.


In addition to the TGAs and TXI, there are also PSD files for those of you that would like to fool around with the textures in Photoshop. There's also a TIF file that suits the same purpose.




For Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 - Extract the TGA files and the TXI file into the Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic/Override folder.


To Uninstall:


Take them out again.


Known Bugs:


None known at this time.


Legal Disclaimer:



All materials and copyrights belong to LucasArts, Bioware and Obsidian Entertainment Inc.


Quanon owns none of the materials, and he's not making any money out of this mod. It is to be distributed as-is without alteration, unless by permission of Quanon. This mod is not to be distributed for profit, either. Use it however you like, but if you're going to post it up somewhere, or make a derivative mod, or use it in another mod, please put a line in the readme, mentioning Quanon.


Now it's time you get to try it out for yourself. Download it here.

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