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  • 2 weeks later...

Been a long time since I've set foot in the swamp.......I recall some of the glory days of the "matrix avatar revolution" among others lol.


Nah all the cool kids joined in '02. We just aren't kids anymore. The rest of you joined to be cool like us. Now YOU are the cool kids! :p


Us old farts are here to keep you in line! ;)


lol Grooveh.


I can use my laser nipples.


I am very curious to see how that works.....;)

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Hmmm... 'Sup?


I can remember an age, long, long ago, before there was a "Lucasforums"... back when there were a handful of separate, but loosely connected EBB sites... with different URLs... scattered around the web... and you had to <*gasp!*> log into each one!

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