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help with dialog trees and condition checks


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I'm new to using kotor tool and I am only using it because I have come to a dead end in Kotor 2 due to a glitch. The only way I have of making progress in the game is to use Kotor tool to edit a dialog which will then open a door.


On another forum someone else with my problem posted this for their solution: "Found the dialog file for the captain (named "ro_weed.dlg" ..very strange) and I hacked it to remove the condition checks for the dialog trees (the talked to and the c_dline_check) and installed it in my override folder, and it seems to be working."


I have used kotor tool and found the same dialog file but I do not see anything about condition checks or c_dline_check and I have no idea on how to hack this file or what to do. I have tried contacting that person but they have been inactive for years.


If anyone has an idea of what I need to do please help me out. Much appreciated.

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Well I can say if you are working with TSL, then you won't see the scripts in the dialog files; something that Obsidian did. But I do believe that there was a mod, part of the TSL Resotration Mod, that went back and somehow got them to appear. If you install that mod in theory you should be able to check the scripts.


Now this is only secondary knowledge, I've never tried it; just heard about through a friend.


Hope this helps.

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