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logan essex

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Count me in for TFU mods. I'd love to play as Vader. Be cool to see numerous reskins--I would love to see renderings of so many Jedi and Sith...Lumiya, Mara Jade, Kyp Durron, Kyle Katarn...Darth Revan...


Probably the best reskin is Darth Kurgan :)


Make the environment totally destructible--I wanna rip Raxus Prime in half!


Mod where Starkiller uses the Impale--how about the lightsaber throws Starkiller?


Mini-levels where you choose the arena and pick a boss from the game...it'll be very unrealistic and fun to fight Shaak Ti on the Death Star...fight Vader on Kashyyyk...even fight the Rogue Jedi as Emperor...


I can think up so many for you modders. I really want to see a level where the goal is to survive against an infinite supply of those EVO troopers...come on, those damn purge troopers (the Iron Man guys) can shoot homing rockets and it takes a hell of a beating to bring them down. EVO troopers are a lot easier, IMO.

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actually purge troopers are easy if you cower behind a door and blast em with force lightning :p


Uses up your Force energy.


Easier way:

1) Lock on Purge Trooper

2) Dashing Shock

3) Sith Swipe, Sith Saber Smash

4) Retreat and repeat


I play Sith Warrior difficulty (won't go harder until I got better video card), so this brings down a purge trooper after 3 repeats.


Down, boy! :thmbup1:

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