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JK3 Bones to JK2


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-You could probably get away with your current setup, however, you will need to rename "lhang_tag_bone" to "lhand_tag_bone"


-It's possible the mc5 bone prevents compiling if it's missing.


-The bones that were removed from the old JO skeleton are fingers and "feet" joints, honestly it shouldnt make a difference, no one cares if the toes and remaining fingers are bending or not ;).


Give it a shot and see what happens, carcass will give you error messages to help troubleshoot.

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Check your e-mail.


Fixed. Since i dont have Jedi Outcast anymore i cant test it in-game, it worked fine in modview tho.


Problem 1: You didnt rename the bone (at least not in the file you sent)

Problem 2: The bone is not in the skin modifier list.

Problem 3: There is a tag weighted to it.


The skeleton was meant for Jedi Academy and the MC5 bone was removed, so i had to reweight the hand_tag to the hand bone when JO seemed to work with MC5. This could mess up the force powers / saber movements. Take it for a spin and see if any problems happen.

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