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Rifle creation request [K2]

Sith Holocron

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My thoughts on weapons as seen in Star Trek were that they always looked weakly designed toys. One exception springs to mind though: the TR-116 Rifle as seen on an episode of Deep Space Nine.


Background info on weapon with pictures throughout:




An experimental weapon developed by Starfleet Security. It fires tritanium projectiles propelled by expanding gases from a chemical detonation. This rifle was designed for use in areas of high electromagnetic (EM) interference (whether artificial or natural) that would render phasers useless, but was dropped in favour of regenerative phasers. Access to the replicator pattern for this design is restricted to Starfleet officers.




One unique aspect of the gun is its Exographic Targeting System, a separate sighting device which communicates with the weapon. The operator wears a wire frame helmet with a monocle attached over one eye, and moves a mouse trackball (mounted on both sides of the weapon, making it ambidextrous) located on the rifle to zoom in to the target. The magazine is contained in the forward handgrip under the barrel, being removed by releasing a catch and sliding it forward.



The view through the Exographic Targeting System


In 2375, one of these rifles was modified on Deep Space Nine with a micro-transporter connected near the barrel exit. The rifle dematerialized the bullet after firing and rematerialized it just in front of the target, and could possibly have done it inside the victim.


So basically, if someone were to take all of this on, it would be both the rifle and the ETS (the monocle.) However, I'd certainly settle for just the rifle! ;)

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