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Edit in-game sound?


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Bit of a noobish question for me to ask, but you never know ;)


Is there a way/program that'll allow me to change the in-game sound effects on the PC, as I wanted to change a couple of the lightsaber sound effects?


Many Thanks



What's the name of the audio file extensions in the games sound/music folder?

(I don't have the PC Version yet, that's why I'm asking.)


Example: ".wav", ".wma", ".mp3", ".m4a", ".au", etc.


There's a program that I use to edit music and sounds, but it doesn't convert all the types of sound files that exist. But it might with this game's files depending on it's file extension, which would allow you to edit them or replace them, etc.

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I have just done a fresh install of the new fedora on my laptop.

Apart from a few problems (cant shut laptop when plugged into external display without it turning off, still takes too many clicks to set the laptop display off and the external one on to full res) its great.

However the is one even more major problem.

I instantly installed the best linux online fps Return to Castle Wolfenstein and there is no sound.

------- sound initialization -------

/dev/dsp: No such file or directory

Could not open /dev/dsp.....

Please solved it..

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