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GCA Clan open recruiting


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GCA (Gray Clan ARCs) is a small, casual clan that plays once or twice per week for a few hours at a time, using a number of mod maps on our dedicated server. Our platform is PC. We've developed one squad and are hoping to recruit members for another squad so we can do some regular scrimmaging in our weekly sessions. Also looking for a squad captain and/or recruiter for the new squad.


Links or downloads for any necessary mod maps or conversions will be provided by the clan General or an Officer. Server settings are negotiable, but mostly set (Friendly Fire on, Heroes on but rare, no time limits). Promotions earned by clan involvement and activity, as well as in-game effectiveness.


To respond, contact me here, or contact gray.clan.general@gmail.com


Website: http://www.inspeco.us/GCA/index.html

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That's actually outdated, from when we only had a few players and were renting a server, trying to spread the cost out. Also, keep in mind, the most common type of membership was the free membership, and the charge was only a possibility, never a requirement. We had eight people who were glad to chip in $15 per year to keep the server going, but then we got the dedicated server up and running, so that eliminated any cost.


No one will need to contribute any money to be part of the GCA.


Anyway, thanks for pointing that out, I'll mention it to the web-guy and it'll be taken off soon I'm sure. =)


Is it really such a strange thing? How do other clans pay for their server rentals and such, if they don't have a dedicated server?

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Correction of $ details, mention "possibility"
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How do other clans pay for their server rentals and such, if they don't have a dedicated server?


Most of the time it's just donations. Sometimes one member will take one for the team and pay for it themselves. Or they just get a member with good internet to host a server.

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That's a pretty interesting site you've got there. I'm in IGF so maybe I'll see you on the battlefield some day. :)

Sounds good, I look forward to it.


p.s. Do you have an Xfire account? I would be interesting in playing with you some time.

We haven't gotten into Xfire yet, since one of our members has access to a Ventrilo channel and they let us use it, but I've been wanting to look into it. So I'm downloading it now, will check it out.



Thanks everyone, for checking out this thread and the website -- we've already had a number of contacts and comments, more than I'd expected actually. I look forward to talking with more of you soon.



BTW, we're running a public Recruit Server now and then during the week, called GCA_Gray-Clan_Recruiting -- and a BFX server called GCA_Gray-Clan_BFX. Anyone's welcome to join us, if you see either of those up.

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