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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II


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So some new info is available on TFU2. Be warned that it contains spoilers - http://www.eucantina.net/archives/6396


Seems as if some of the speculation in this thread was correct:


Starkiller is indeed a clone in TFU2.


Lame, but I guess there were limited options.


Oh my god... When a nerd forum speculation hits the bullseye the results can only be horrible.

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I have a first look from Power Unlimited lying in front of me...core business:


-2 Sabers, ALWAYS. Can't choose to use 1.

-He's not necessarily a


. Vader says yes, Kota says no.

-Vader has tortured you to near-insanity...explains the visions in the CGI trailer.

-More variety. More platform jumping, DMM sensitive puzzles, no quick-time events.

-New Powers: Group Force Grip, Mind trick, Force Fury.

-Self-doubt is the central theme, which leads to the search for

Juno, who has all the answers?


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Some new info has been revealed at Comic Con. Perhaps the most notable thing is news of a familiar face showing up:




(the dialogue is strangely muted for some reason - you'll need to crank the volume)


There's also this dev interview:




Nothing really new there though.


And finally, an article over at the official SW site - http://starwars.com/games/videogames/tfu2_comic_con/index.html

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I don't stress over canon...I enjoyed playing the first game and will gladly pick up this upcoming second installment. Besides...the EU is a gigantic cluster anyway...and I can't stand 80% of it.
There have been weirder things than an overpowered Jedi. But I personally don't like Starkiller's involvement in the Star Wars saga. But it's still not worse than some of the things I've heard about the Clone Wars series.


Anywho, it's a game, the one thing that really matters is if it's fun to play. Everything else is secondary.

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