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Sith Lord/lady Mod


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Good day, I would like to make a simple request.


I would like to request a mod that creates a robe that, when created, would allow the player to appear as a Sith Master, as seen in Freedon Nadd's tomb on Dxun and the raid on the Queen's Palace on Onderon, I dont care what kind of benefits the modder wishes to add but I ask that it has a protection rating of 6 or so, as most robes leave you too vulnerable when facing a large group of blaster wielding baddies.


I also ask that it make the wearer immune to stun, fear,and horror, and can be worn by any force sensitive in the players party regardless of their alignment.


I would provide some pictures, but I cannot seem to find any so I will have to describe it. The outfit is that of the Sith Master from the tomb on Onderon, the one with the metal mask and has the skirt reaching from the hips to the floor.


I know this is possible so please can someone rig this up for me?

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