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XWA one year thread V: A Slightly Better, but Used Hope

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But: it's equity in the house. Things like that go far towards resale value... not to mention the quality of life while you are living there.


My old one was the original unit from when the house was built: 1952, I think.


It was time...

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that was awesome story hahahahaha.


that girl i've been emailing is a real person, not a bot. i have no idea how to get in touch outside of email though and she wants me to get on yahoo instant messenger. and of course my phone doesn't have a way to do that so when im at work on my lunch i can't just get on my phone. maybe i'll convince her to get aim. lol

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These mornings are killing me.


Feels like it's going to be a long day...


Meeting up with M. after work to try to seal up some of the drafty windows in her apartment. She says her place is ALWAYS freezing... but she doesn't want to have to run the heat that high.


I'll see what can be done...

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