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XWA one year thread V: A Slightly Better, but Used Hope

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Yeah, blizzard caught a bunch of hell for it, but there wasn't anything we could do.

I guess it's good for authentication and to prevent piracy, but still.... kida douchbag move there on there part.


yeah but really for someone like me its not really a problem.


at anyrate if you have dail up you either:

a) need to get a better job or

b) move to a location that closer to population


...cus really ppl by now should have perm interweb connections

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It just won't update your achievements. :D


Finished the single player........ WTF man, WTF. Now what.


how long and on what difficulty? was it good??


Easy day at work yesterday. Whoo-hoo. A couple of small blues bands.


Going in a bit earlier than usual. Bleh.


Tomorrow too... but that's to meet up with Zarg. :D



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Took the day off from work today. My Ex-GF is here. Last night when we talked she was practically bawling, wanting me back and doing anything to get me back and be my Girlfriend. This morning I am still skeptical.
You must go with your instincts. keeping a relationship going because the woman is crying is a bad way to go. This is the voice of experience.
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do like i did and tell her you're open to being **** buddies then have lots of intoxicated, angry sex with her. have yet to see the long term effects of this, however.


More like friends with benefits now, right now she is all talk. Have yet to see much action as to her really wanting to change

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I don't believe people can really change their core personality traits on that scale. They might be able to alter a few behavior patterns to mask the problem and give the illusion of change... but deep down inside it takes a LOT of effort and motivation to attempt to alter who you really are.


Be wary...

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I suppose I must represent the "Rock'N'Roll" portion of that triad, I guess.


I'm certainly not currently slumming about much in either of the other 2 camps at the moment.


But I am a hot mess. That much is a given. :dozey:

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