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XWA one year thread V: A Slightly Better, but Used Hope

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Pick it up used somewhere. Probably under 10 bucks by now.


Quiet day at work... just how I like it. And we finally got a bit more rain around here... which hopefully will bring my lawn back from the dead.


Taking tomorrow off. Got a billion things to do... but I'll scrap them all if it's really nice out, since I desperately need to catch up on some exercise.

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THere were many firsts today for me after i got done with work


First time Sailing this year

First time sailing in my OWN sailboat

First time driving a vehicle with a trailer.

First time dumping a sailboat (not on purpose)


Perfect weather. warm water. 20 knot winds. I had my sailboat humming along close hauled, occasionally i got sprayed as I broke through a wave. Went I got back on shore after sailing for about 3 hours my legs were shaking from the exertion i put them through. It was WONDERFUL. Tho i am quite sore right now. Good thing I got a Lady coming over tomorrow to give me a massage

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Let's see... got a haircut. And took a walk. Whoopee!


Should have done the laundry... but I didn't.


It's been a few weeks since I've done a serious walk, and I felt it. Out of practice that quickly? Sucks.


I think I keep seeing M. around town. On the subway the other day, and down by the beach today. Not 100% sure, as it's always quickly in passing, or out of the corner of my eye. I always pretend not to see her anyway... and she has done the same (if it is really her, and not a look-alike.)


I've had no direct contact with her since the play. We're still on a couple of group e-mail lists together that she sometimes sends out announcements to... but I ignore those now, or they automatically get dumped to my "Spam" folder. She's made zero attempt to contact me as far as I can tell. I've lost touch with most of the mutual friends as well.


Still... the couple of glances of her (or her doppelganger...) have kinda soured my mood over the last couple of days. Mainly because it occurs to me that I don't know what I'd say if I did run into her now... but it's a sure thing that it probably wouldn't be very polite...


I just have to hope it doesn't happen.

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Nobody posted??? Gonna make me double post, are ya'?


I see how it is...


Spent the day with friends at the Hopkinton State Park... cooking out... hiking... playing games.


It was a perfect day for it too.


Tomorrow: Work :(

(And if I get home early enough... laundry.) :( :( :mad:

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I am on a see saw right now.


Thursday was good (as my above post)


Friday, I find out my cell phone died. It must have gotten wet when I dumped the boat. My Masseuse doesn't show up, i end up wheeling my mom a mile so she can get a boat ride. When I leave her with my Dad to get food as the boat pulls up. When I come back the boat is gone. I thought my dad was mad at me. Went home with Mr Glenlivat.


Find out my dad didn't know my phone was dead. Even tho I told him. Got new phone today. And as my Dad and I arrived on the lake front the same boat from above was pulling up and we got on an OLD 31 foot Chris Craft. Beer was handed to us, and we were off, and finally after about 20 minutes "arrived" in the middle of lake Mendota. Perfect night. Good friends. Good times

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Walked a lot today... to and from work. Now I'm sweaty and my feet are blistered. Why does exercise have to be so much... work? Why can't it be more like... doing nothing? I do think I'd really prefer that.


Looks like laundry is getting put off for another day. By the time I eat, I'm not going to have the gumption to tackle that disaster.


Maybe in the morning... before work...

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