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XWA one year thread V: A Slightly Better, but Used Hope

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Just now realized that I forgot the projection after July 31...


Posts to thread @ midnight, July 31: 1,610

Projected posts to thread @ year-end: 2,760


It works out to 230 posts/month, but we're well behind that pace so far this month. Summer lull, I guess.

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hey R15, call me asap.



I pissed off Lynk, apparently I should kill myself.


so if I get banned very soon, don't be surprised.

try to be nice,....

I gave you plenty of hints that you were bugging me and that I had to work on an assignment :p if your death means that I could finish my assignment, then I'll take it.


...and no, you're not going to get banned unless you start breaking forum rules.



Oh look, I'm posting in XWA... It's been many years since I've been in here... it's very purple.

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Went to the beach yesterday... and couldn't believe how empty it was.


Only the year-rounders here these days... and they must have all been at work or something.


The Florida news is hilarious. People down here are CRAZY!!!

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Sounds like my kind of bash, Keyan. :dozey: I'm certain I'd fit in there perfectly, I'm sorry to say... :(


Florida is chill so far. A lot of sitting around talking about guitars and listening to music.


Not much more than that. It's miserably hot outside. Ick.

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