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XWA one year thread V: A Slightly Better, but Used Hope

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well, it's the 69th anniversary of Pearl Harbor. Hey Crackles, didn't you make a thread in RSN about all of this?


at anyway, my Japanese teacher spoke about a bunch of things with today.


I really have should shouted at people in the class to shut the hell up while she was talking.

I wanted to listen to all of her convo. >.>

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It was a day that shall live in infamy, Crack.


Woke up with a headache. I'm not getting enough sleep. I really need this semester to come to an end soon. Between work and my now-crazy personal life, something has got to give... and I'm pretty sure it will be my health and sanity first...

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See the previous page on why we don't have pics. Also, the previous few posts.


Posting from work. Bored, snowing, so I'll have to shovel sidewalks at somepoint tonight. It's like 12*f with windchill. Not. Happy. About. It.


One more week until the semester is over. I cannot wait.


About to be ontop of the ESL Silver Ladder. I value that ranking more than my b.net ranking..... but I need to ladder so I can figure out how to beat these stupid ass 2 barracks Marine+SCV all-in builds. They frustrate me soooo much.

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Yea, from ed's lack of comments she is likely wild in bed. but she has a stalker who thinks he is still her BF.


Sounds to me she needs to get a restraining order



It's her ex-husband. They've been separated about 6 years and divorced about 4. He has several girlfriends by all reports, but for whatever reason he's not letting go of her. Unfortunately, they are his kids she has, which makes it difficult...


The police have visited him several times this week. Even brought him in one night for a "sleep-over." Took his license away, and he's prohibited from crossing state lines.


He's backed way off... for now.


But he's the type of guy to have scary friends who might be willing to do some dirty work for him (and have in the past...), so we are taking some other actions as well.


A bit alarming, and more than I ever wanted to get involved with... but she's a great person, and eerily we have way too much in common. She loves Star Wars and video games and auto racing!!! C'Mon! That doesn't happen!


Plus: Yeah... your first assumption is actually very, very true. :naughty:




GUNNER is on Facebook now. I think I got most of you with the "suggest a friend" thing.


There are some pics of her and I on there. Hopefully more once the ex-drama-chaos is calmed down to a less frightening level...

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