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XWA one year thread V: A Slightly Better, but Used Hope

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shoes. shes a woman, she probably loves shoes. and flip flops


cannot go wrong with Crocs ( LOL )


almost finished Xmas shopping. Except for my Dad. Went to the nearest Radio shack to get a gift card and they were all out. Guess Radio Shack doesn't get my money this Christmas

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She ASKED for me to fire up the 360. She loves racing games... though she was a bit overwhelmed by Forza and GT5. She's more used to Mario Kart and the like.


I'll have to get her some racing games for the Wii she has.


After giving it a try, she asked me to show her how I play it. So I took her for a virtual tour of the Nurburgring in a Zonda.


I have to try her on Guitar Hero or Rock Band too... I think she'll really like those.


She wants to read HHGG now... as well as the other Douglas Adams books (Dirk Gently series...)


I really need to get tix for Tron Legacy now.

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Yeah... I know. :dozey:


But it's a start... I'll convert her yet! ;)


She owns the Lexus sport coupe (SC 400), and she's a fairly... 'enthusiastic' driver. It shouldn't take much! She used to go Go-Carting all the time when she was a kid, too...


And Hey! At least she plays games!


I went out the other day and got second controllers for both systems. I'll need another guitar controller at some point too... Now I can head-to-head or local co-op.


The PS3 controller came with Little Big Planet GOTY Edition. Looks fun. I'm not great at platformers... but I'll give it a shot. Something that the kids might like as well...

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2010 was a nice year. So many things turned to the better. Many of my views have changed. My whole life has changed. It's great. I've waited all my life for this to happen, but didn't know. Ed, it's great you met a girl, IT'S GREAT, it seems she fits perfectly. It's the same thing that I have. EVERYTHING JUST FITS VERY WELL.


Oh and Niner, just give your sister a hug. (Late, I know.)


P.S.: You guys are a mess. ;*

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2010 started fairly bleak for me... but improved before the end.


Most of it was either miserable or merely "meh". The summer was OK. The trip to D.C. was nice... but it's only been the last couple of months that things really started looking up.

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2010 was meh. It had enough high points to out weigh the bad points.


2011 looks signifigantly better...... except for being in school for 9 months out of the year. That'll be god damned hilarious. >.<


Merry Christmas everyone, be safe, and enjoy your family!

And if you can't enjoy your family, enjoy someone elses. muahaha....

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