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A few 3D models


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I use Cinema 4D r10.5(which I can't find a .mdl importer or exporter for) to make all my 3D stuff.

Hope you like it.


X-wing and A-wing

Another shot of the X-wing and A-wing

A-wing firing blaster cannons

Naboo Royal Starship and N1 Escort

Tedirium Shuttle(front)

Tedirium Shuttle(back)

Custom Lightsaber

Custom Lightsaber with blade extended


There's a load more in my photobucket account, although much of it isn't anything to do with Star Wars(a bunch of PC hardware renders, etc)

New one, just to test out my system.

I'd like to see Mace Windu destroy all these.


1800 Super Battle Droids, in the above render. 187,733 polygons in each droid, 337,919,400 polys overall. Done with full GI and AO on, and HDRI lit.

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Nope, its freeware. Not as good as 3ds tbh, but it works for getting weapons and other models into KOTOR and TSL.



Letmme check...yeah, you're right, I could have sworn a few years ago there was a fee or something...


Epic modeling gar. :D How long have you been at it?


I've been modelling for the past year or so. Mostly high-poly tbh.

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