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Head Pack TSL


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Hello...today I'd like to make what I hope to be a simple request. (bear with my I'm unsre if these've been done).


I'm looking to have three heads made allowing the exile to appear as the race the head is modeled after. If anyone can be so kind as to do so.


1. Bith: Ihavent seen one of these yet and I'm hoping to see one made as I'm under the belief one doesnt exist.


2. Quarian: Yet another head I'd love to see, I havent seen one outside a simple disguise pic and I'm simply looking for the head if possible.


3. : Trandoshan: I saw one on filefront but it seems a little too bug filled to me, I'm hoping to see this.


Can someone please tell me these three are possible to do, I hope they are, Thanks.

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1. Bith

Andargor made a huge disguise mod called Holowan Cloakworks 2, which has all three of your requests. But, since it is a disguise mod, you'll only look like an alien while wearing the armband, and you won't be able to change outfits.

2. Quarian

I was confused at first, since a Quarian is a race from Mass Effect. I think you mean Quarren, and there are a couple good mods out there.

Ferc Kast & Quanon teamed up for [TSL] Jedi Quarren PC & [TSL] Red Sith Quarren PC. The up side is they look great. The down side is you can't change armours, and there aren't any DS transitions (or LS transitions if you pick the Sith Quarren).

3. : Trandoshan

Darth Venom and Varsity Puppet made a great mod called Trandoshan PCs 2.0! Again they look fantastic. And again, you can't change armours or DS transitions.


From my own experience (I've done similar mods for KotOR) I can tell you that it is really hard to make playable aliens. The biggest reason is that there aren't any developer tools that are capable of making new heads (with tentacles and such). The best we can do right now is modify an existing head model, so near-human aliens are easier to do (mostly skin colour changes). Anyway, I hope these help a bit.

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