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The Old Man


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It was a dark night along this old country road. The rain was pouring down hard, and the river on the left was flooding over.

A young couple was driving down this very road. They were on their way to Florida. It was their honeymoon.

The storm was bad, really bad. It was the “hide in your basement and cry like a baby” type where the wind is howling and the rain is coming down fast enough to fill a bathtub in 30 seconds.

The couple needed a place to stay the night, but where would they find one? A dirt road in Kentucky does not usually have hotels. But fortune, or misfortune was with them tonight. About 2 miles down the road was a hotel. It was old, and falling apart. Boards were missing, and the wood had faded to a dull grey color. The “O” in the hotel sign was missing. They would have passed it off as abandoned had it not been for the dull, yellow-red light coming from the dirty window near the front door. The lobby.

The parking lot was overgrown with weeds and no longer resembled a parking lot. The couple parked in one of 3 spots that was not yet underwater.

They got out of the car and ran as fast as they could for the door. When they reached it lightning went off. It was so bright they were momentarily blinded. It had hit their car. They were trapped here.

The door creaked open and shut with a bang. It was dark in the room lit only by the dancing fire in the fireplace.

In the dim light all that was visible was an ancient desk, and behind it was an as equally as ancient man. His eyes glowed an angry red color, making him look inhuman.

The young man walked right up to him and asked him for a room. His odd appearance did not shake the young man. The old man smiled and handed the young man a key. His smile was one of pure evil. He looked like a demon.

The young man went back to his wife and they headed to their room. They found a hallway on the other side of the lobby. Their room was just around the corner. The room, too, was lit by fire-light, and the furniture looked just as old as the desk in the lobby. The room seemed clean and they had a rough day so they settled in to sleep.


The man woke to a strange noise. His wife was still asleep beside him. He saw that the door to his room was missing. Just plain GONE. The fire in their room was extinguished, but still smoking. There was a faint glow coming from outside the room. Like 2 little orange dots in the dark. The lightning flashed and the man saw what was outside the door. It was the old man, with a knife. The young man quickly woke his wife, and then the old man charged. The couple screamed.

The man quickly sat up, sweating. He was in his own house. A dream. He lay back down. His wife was asleep beside him.

“Ah, honey, I just had a terrible dream.” The man said.

“What was the dream about, baby?” It wasn’t his wife next to him.

It was the old man.



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