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Can I start a LAN game with only 1 player?


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I am playing EAW with the 1.05 patch (not Forces of Corruption) on Windows XP SP3.


I've played the single player for a while, now I'd like to try out some of the custom maps I have downloaded. I was hoping I would get to play against the computer AI on these maps, like in the single player campaign.


I go to start a LAN game, I select a map (in this case, a 2 player map). For the second player, I select Computer AI. But the "Start Game" button is always greyed (grayed?) out.


I have checked all the network settings and read all the faqs. I have the windows firewall disabled, and my router not only supports upnp, but I've also port forwarded the EAW ports (both tcp and udp) to my system.


Can I not play a multiplayer game with just the computer and only 1 human? Am I trying to do something that's impossible or is there some problem with my setup?

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